Hellboy 2019: Ending Explained: Post Credit Sce...

Hellboy 2019: Ending Explained: Post Credit Scene Breakdown + Spoiler Review

Hellboy 2019 ending explained spoiler talk review

Whilst Hellboy is more faithful adaptation for fans of the franchise, the movie, unfortunately, fails in several ways and feels like a clumsy depiction of the Right Hand Of Doom that will leave audience members leaving with a clenched fist.

Throughout this video, I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about Hellboy’s post-credits scenes and what they tease for the future for if this movie makes more than ten thousand dollars at the box office.

This is full spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen the film and don’t want to know what happens then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way, I hope you enjoy the video, now sit back, relax and let’s get into my ending explained breakdown of Hellboy 2019.

Hellboy Spoilers

The film follows Hellboy as he tries to take down The Blood Queen and stop her from destroying the world. The Queen was killed by King Arthur who cut her into pieces and did the old ‘spread her body parts to opposite ends of the earth’ schtick that films love to do these days. It’s your average game collect the body parts that requires the villains to re-assemble the Queen in order to put Humpty Dumpty back together again and bring her back to life.

She basically wants to end the world and bring hell to the surface. Juxtaposing this Hellboy is actually suspected of being the one that will bring forth the Apocalypse. The Queen uses this ambiguity to trick Hellboy and the majority of the movie’s tension comes from wondering whether he will actually be the one that ends the world or not. We actually get an amazing scene that sort of plays this out and whilst the rest of the movie is about as entertaining as watching your grandad say ‘pull my finger’ before he farts in your face, this adds duality to the character.

In order to track down The Queen, Hellboy enlists the help of Baba Yaga who it’s hinted at has crossed paths with Hellboy before and after their battle was banished to another dimension. Yaga helps him though she states that in return for the favour that she wants one of his eyes.

hellboy 2019 ending explained full movie post credits scene breakdown in my spoiler talk review on the reboot and sequel PREDICTION

Baba Yaga After Credits

Whilst this is never resolved directly in the movie, the scene is brought up again after the credits in a segment that seesĀ Baba Yaga offering a deal to an unknown person. Yaga wants this mysterious figure to kill Hellboy and to bring her one of his eyes.

Now, lets just say that this movie makes more than Avengers Endgame and a sequel is greenlit, what exactly can we expect to see in it?

Well in the comics, Baba Yaga’s eye was originally shot out by Hellboy after he hunted her down whilst investigating a string of Children’s disappearances. Hellboy managed to defeat her and send her into a pocket dimension that resembled Russia long before a civilisation was ever created there.

We would likely have this backstory fully fleshed out in the sequel as here it’s kinda skipped over. There’s no indicator of who this mystery man could be but it could potentially be Rasputin as the two have worked together in the comics on several occasions.

Whilst Rasputin has already appeared in the original Hellboy film adaptation it makes sense for his presence to be brought back once more as he’s able to travel through dimensions and also is one of the character’s greatest foes.

Abe Sapien

The film also heavily teases Abe Sapien in it’s ending and honestly this was the character out of the franchise that I was hoping to see the most. The amphibious man, of course, was a big talking point of the original films so it makes sense to bring him back.

In the comics Abe can breathe Underwater and swim faster than Aquaman. Similar to Rasputin, Abe is also thought to be immortal so it makes sense to bring these two characters back for films down the line. He’s one of Hellboy’s most trusted ally’s and would make for a great character going forward if they manage to improve the CGI in these movies.

Lobster Johnson

And finally, the other post-credit scenes shows Hellboy in a graveyard mourning the loss of his father. Hellboy is pretty drunk, probably because he’s read the reviews for this film, which is when he is approached by Lobster Johnson.

So, what does this signify, well in the comics Lobster is a vigilante detective that’s pretty much a cross between Batman and The Punisher. He’s gone through numerous reincarnations with him sometimes being dead and resurrected and other times him being someone who has just donned the mantle.

The character was actually the star of several foreign films from the 30s to 50s though not many of the original prints survive. Hopefully, this film gets lost too eh? No, I shouldn’t say that, people put a lot of work into it and for me to just rip it apart like that it’s not nice.

Anyway, the two will need to team up if they’re to take on what’s to come and Johnsons could become the Dark Knight of the universe to Hellboy’s Man Of Steel.

Hellboy 2019 ending explained spoiler talk review

My Review

And now onto my review. Whilst I’m normally someone who tends to disagree with big outlets such as IGN, I actually found myself agreeing with them on this one. Hellboy is clumsy, poorly paced and tries to fit far too much into it’s short runtime. Whilst BVS did this and suffered too it at least had longer to juggle the stories. Hellboy on the other hand just feels like it wants to drop as many easter eggs as possible that only hardcore fans will understand and due to this it alienates the majority of the audience.

There’s just….ahhhh…it’s hard to describe it if you haven’t seen it, I think if this was a tv show that had more time to develop it’s plot points or it was a longer movie that it could probably pull this off, however, things wizz by and there’s a feeling of real detachment throughout.

David Harbour just doesn’t possess the charisma that Ron Perlman had and this makes the character hard to relate to and engage with. Milla Jovovich is trying her darndest and she’s probably the best part of the movie and she could have really shone with better material.

Overall though the film is very muddled and I’m going to take a cue from IGN on this one and say…

4/10 – too much hell not enough boy.

Your Thoughts

I’d of course love to hear your thoughts on the film and if you disagree with me. Make sure you leave your review in the comments below.

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