Hellboy Trailer: Full Breakdown: Everything You...

Hellboy Trailer: Full Breakdown: Everything You Missed Explained

hellboy 2019 official trailer everything you missed breakdown easter egg explained spoiler talk review on the new david harbour lionsgate film

The Hellboy Trailer has just been released and whilst the reception hasn’t exactly been hotter than hell’s fire, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a lot to unpack from the film.

Throughout this article I will be breaking down everything that you need to know about the movie’s easter eggs, plot reveals and more. There will be heavy spoilers so if you don’t want to know anything going into the movie then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

For everyone else, I’m Deffinition and Welcome To The Website where I ruin it so you don’t have to!

The Forever War

The first thing to take from The Hellboy trailer is it’s nod to the Forever War. In the trailer we see two figures in a dimly lit cave. The “forever war” is mentioned and how whoever battles in it will need a “strong right hand,” Which is, of course, a nod to Hellboy himself.

But Hellboy will need more than just his hands and the trailer heavily teases Excalibur, the mythical sword from King Arthur. Hellboy has used the sword several times in the comics, mainly against The Blood Queen who in this film is played by Milla Jovovich, so it makes sense to see it’s appearance here.

Professor Broom

Ian McShane appears in the trailer and the actor is playing the part of Professor Broom. Broom is the BPRD member who first discovered Hellboy and basically became his father. Raising and training him. Those familiar with the previous Hellboy film franchise will remember that the character was originally played by John Hurt in those films and it’s great to see his inclusion here.

But what is the BPRD? Well, the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense is the covert operation that Hellboy works for and it too features heavily in the trailer. It’s clear that most of the movie will take place in London and this is where the BPRD is based. However, we also see an alpine location for the BPRD so it’s clear this film will have some globetrotting elements.

The BPRD have pretty much made Hellboy into a weapon and have equipped him with his big gun, Big Baby.

Hellboy The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt

Fans Of The Witcher 3 will be familiar with The Wild Hunt but probably don’t know that they appear in Hellboy too. In the trailer we see them riding horseback. This group is taken directly from myth and legend and in the comic books is overseen by the Osiris club.

The Osiris Club too make an appearance in the trailer and it seems likely that they are working alongside the BPRD.


We are given a vision of Hell when Hellboy crashes an elevator. It’s unknown how much this location will feature but obviously is pretty prominently tied to the character’s origins.

Here we see several demons, including a giant bat that seems to be quite prominent as one of the movie’s main villains.

The Apocalypse Crown

In the trailer we also get an image of Hellboy wearing the Apocalypse Crown. This crown is a demonic artifact they confers the power to become the Biblical Beast of The Apocalypse that brings about the end of the world in accordance with the prophecy of the Book of Revelation.

The Queen Of Blood needs this in order to free Ogdru Jahad, a dragon prophecized to destroy the world and this is why she mutters ‘You’ve Arrived Just In Time’ during the trailer.

It’s pretty clear that she may even manage to get Hellboy on her side at some point since most of the world seems to hate him and this would be an awesome plot point for the first film.

hellboy 2019 official trailer breakdown easter egg explained spoiler talk review on the new david harbour lionsgate film

Your Thoughts

So, what are your thoughts on the Hellboy trailer? Did you have fun with it and is there anything that I missed? Comment below and let me know!

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