Hotel Artemis: Ending Explained

Hotel Artemis: Ending Explained

hotel artemis ending explained and spoiler talk review

As rioting rocks Los Angeles in the year 2028, disgruntled thieves make their way to Hotel Artemis — a 13-story, members-only hospital for criminals. It’s operated by The Nurse, a no-nonsense, high-tech healer who already has her hands full with a French assassin, an arms dealer and an injured cop. As the violence of the night continues, the Nurse must decide whether to break her own rules and confront what she’s worked so hard to avoid.

The film possesses an incredibly slick ending and throughout this video, I will be discussing the movie’s final scenes as well as what I think they symbolise.

There will be heavy spoilers for the entire movie so if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you turn off now.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and I ruin the movie so you don’t have to.

Hotel Artemis Ending Explained

After stealing precious diamonds belonging to The Wolf King, brothers Waikiki and Honolulu are in over their heads. Taking refuge in the Hotel, they quickly discover that The Wolf King too owns the property which puts them massively in harm’s way.

Forced to ally with other assassins Nice, Acapulco and Buke they fight to survive the night whilst The Wolf King’s forces storm the building.

In the movie’s climax, we learn that the Wolf King was the one who killed The Nurse’s son years earlier and drove her into a life of depression and criminal care. The Nurse, herself struggling after breaking the rules and offering medical care to a cop, Morgan (Jenny Slate), is riled to the point she wants to kill the Wolf King, only for Nice to arrive and carry out the task herself.

hotel artemis ending explained

Nice To Be Nice

We learn that Nice has been manipulating the criminals and only allied herself with them in order to carry out her mission of murdering The Wolf King. Sadly, her actions, which included blowing the hotel’s generator, kills Honolulu, who was on life support. Ironically, it’s that mistake that allows Waikiki and the Nurse a chance to escape the army of the Wolf King.

Nice, attempting to make amends for her errors holds off The Wolf King’s forces whilst the two escape. In the melee, Waikiki encounters the Wolf King’s son, Franklin, and kills him, thus ending the family’s criminal dynasty, and seemingly settling their feud once and for all.

Sadly, Waikiki is severely injured in the fight but due to the battle ground that the Artemis now is, cannot return there. They do make it out but the duo ends up parting ways instead of riding off into the sunset together. Nurse Thomas wants to create a better Los Angeles and atone for her own past, while Waikiki has no choice but to head out for help elsewhere.

The Nurse is now free to make the Artemis a centre where everyone in need can get medical assistance. Her hopes come to life as she returns to find Everest alive and well, unlike Nice, whose fate is left a mystery. However, when we see the light’s of The Artemis turn back on once more, it’s clear that this place isn’t closing any time soon.

hotel artemis spoiler talk review

The Theme’s Of Hotel Artemis

This may be a reach but I actually think that Hotel Artemis symbolises the privatisation of health care. In seeking out to tend to one’s wounds there is always someone who will try and gain some form of wealth from it. Insurance companies often hound people into debt in order to receive payment from simple procedures and being under the knife can often be cut throat.

We can see from the outer shots that we get of the city that crime is rampant and this is probably due to the commodities that everything has been transformed into. The corporate figures rule over all and are blind to kindness as there is little profit to be made from it.

Unfortunately, in my opinion Hotel Artemis just fails to miss the mark on certain things and it is very clearly very derivative of John Wick which is by far a better movie. This is a shame as there is a lot to like here but the ending just feels like it fails to make an emotional impact due to the set up feeling so hollow.

Your Thoughts

So what did you think of Hotel Artemis? Did you enjoy the film or agree with the critics giving it bad reviews? Comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video please like it and subscribe to my channel.

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