How It Ends: Ending Explained: Alternative Theory

How It Ends: Ending Explained: Alternative Theory

how it ends ending explained by deffinition spoiler talk review and analysis of the netflix 2018 disaster movie part two alternative fan theory

Recently I did a video discussing my theory on what caused the disasters in the new Netflix Original Film: How It Ends.

I summarised that the cataclysm was due to a Volcanic Eruption from one of the two Super Volcano’s that exist in America and this explained how the Airplane had been downed and the ash clouds that littered the landscape.

However, since then I have come across another highly likely theory for the disaster and throughout this video, I will be discussing my alternative theory on what caused the events.

There will be heavy spoilers for How it Ends, so if you don’t want to know How it Ends, then you need to turn this video off because all I do is talk about…

I’ll stop now.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and this is my Alternative Theory for How it Ends.

Polar Shift

On their journey, Will and Tom encounter all means of electrical phenomena from spinning compasses to erratic birds and electrical storms. After looking up the possible causes of this it’s clear that these events were caused by a shift in the Earth’s poles.

Many times over our planet’s history, Earth’s magnetic poles have reversed. This means that sometimes a compass pointing north will be aimed at Antarctica rather than the Arctic. This might sound strange, but it’s a relatively predictable quirk of our planet and is a naturally occurring thing. Powered by the machinations of the planet’s spinning iron core, this process of geomagnetic reversal has been doing its thing without much fanfare for eons.

Birds use the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate and we can clearly see in How it Ends that their flight pattern has been thrown off. The aurora borealis appearing on their adventure too shows that there is something wrong with the Earth’s geography and this definitely cements that something is up with it.

I believe that Super volcanos still had a huge part to play in the disaster, however, this was likely a by-product of the magnetic field turning and it’s possible that the two Earth Shattering events were one of the same.

Don’t Worry Though!

Don’t worry though, whilst it is inevitable that the poles will eventually shift, Scientists estimate that it’s not just an overnight occurrence and when such an event does happen it will take place over thousands of years, so chances are you won’t even notice it.

It could even be happening right now!

Your Thoughts

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Check out my original How It Ends: Ending Explained video

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