How Thanos Survived Stormbreaker Explained

How Thanos Survived Stormbreaker Explained

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Thor embedding Stormbreaker into Thanos’ chest had many fans going wild. However, it still left one large lingering question at the end of Infinity War: How Did Thanos Survive this normally fatal attack?

After waiting months we finally have an answer to the question. Spotted by reddit user evilcartoonist the eagle eyed viewer noticed that right before Thanos escapes by using the Space Stone you can see the subtle sparkle of The Time Stone.

This clears up one of the huge gaping plot holes in Infinity War and is something that I never even noticed when watching it. Originally I thought his death may have been reversed by the Soul Stone which has power over life and death, however the Time Stone is definitely adequate at healing as we saw in the film Doctor Strange, when the titular character was experimenting on an apple that it is able to bring things back from the brink.

It’s another nice little detail in Infinity War that once again elevates it above most other comic book films and I’m glad that we finally have answers to this burning question.

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