I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS Ending Explained Breakd...

I AM NOT OKAY WITH THIS Ending Explained Breakdown | Spoiler Talk Review & Season 2 Predictions

I am not okay with this ending explained spoiler talk review

I am not ok with this…is a show that has just dropped on Netflix.

Throughout this, we’re gonna be breaking down everything that you need to know about the new season, it’s ending and where things could be going. We’re also gonna be giving our thoughts on the show and if you haven’t seen it why you should check it out.

There will be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to watch the show yet and don’t want to know what happens then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into our breakdown of I am not okay with this!

I am not okay with this Plot Recap

I am not Okay with this opens with a callback to Carrie and the show actually centers around the lead up to a similar sort of plot point as the finale of that with film there being a big outburst at a prom.

The show jumps back and forth between the build-up to this outburst and the aftermath of it making for a mystery that drives a lot of the season.

It’s not the most original premise but it’s rare that we see a coming of age story set at a high school that’s mixed with a superhero origin. I’m kidding I’m kidding.

Sidney And Stan

After this brief teaser for the ending, the show instantly throws us into the life of a high schooler Sidney played by Sophia Lillis.

Sidney lives in Pennsylvania in what could be described as the height of mundanity. Due to the death of her dad, she lashes out and has anger issues.

This anger begins to manifest in telekinetic powers and the season centers around Sidney learning to deal with these powers, her mental health and life as a high school student.

Netflix seems to be picking from the cast of IT with Georgie featuring in Locke And Key recently and Beverly and Stan heading this up.

Interestingly the actor who played Stan is also called Stan on this so yaaay my brain doesn’t have to do any extra work.

Don’t think too much brain, you’ll hurt yourself.

Obviously all of the trio are phenomenal actors and the two definitely bring their A-Game to I Am Not Okay with this, providing nuanced and grounded performances that make them extremely relatable.

Sidney’s powers tend to come to the forefront whenever she gets enraged and this can lead to nosebleeds, stopping taps from running and pulling signs out of their foundations.

i am not okay with this netflix ending explained spoiler talk review

A Breeze To Binge

All the characters are really likable and the slick editing, fast pacing and rocking soundtrack make the series a blast to get to. I kinda feel like just getting a playlist of these songs as they really complete the style that the show is going for and it’s a fantastic use of music.

The season itself also clocks in at just seven episodes ranging between 20 to 25 minutes.

Often with Netflix series, I feel like they overstay their welcome and drag things out to fit an hour runtime. I always find this weird as Netflix shows don’t have commercials and they’re streamed so they can really be any length.

I Am Not Okay With This doesn’t and because of that it doesn’t feel formulaic and…I am okay with this.

A Love Triangle

Sidney begins dating Stanley but things become complicated when she kisses her friend Deana after a party. Struggling with her sexuality and rejection by Deanna she runs off into the night, unleashing a powerful scream that shakes her surroundings.

Stan stumbles across this and slowly becomes her mentor due to his knowledge of comic books.

It becomes a comic book story in a comic book story and they unearth the rage that drives her abilities. This draws the eyes of another super-powered being which from the brief glimpses that we see is a man that can turn into smoke.

Now there isn’t a big superhero showdown that the show leads up to and it actually, for the most part, stay relatively simplistic with the ending of the show feeling more like the set up for things going ahead.

I’ll talk about that in just a bit but I have to go over a couple of things before we get to that.

During this time she discovers that Deana’s boyfriend cheated on her and this causes a lot of conflict at school. Deanna finds out and Deanna’s ex blames Sidney for it and this plays into his actions in the final episode.

Slowly Sid becomes more and more attracted to Deana but it’s initially an unrequited love that adds a love triangle into the story that ultimately leads to everyone ending up confused.

Sid also unearths the truth about her father who we learn was a Marine. Sid’s father suffered from PTSD that went through similar things to Sid. During an explosion on his last tour, he was left as the sole survivor and thus we can assume that he was the cause of it similar to how Sid would eventually cause death at the prom.

The guilt caused him to apparently commit suicide but I’ll get into my theories on this in just a bit.

I am not okay with this ending explained spoiler talk review

I Am Not Okay With This Ending Explained

It all comes to a head at the prom when Deanna’s ex announces to the school that she’s a lesbian and just as hes about to reveal her superpowers she makes his head explode.

It’s probably the best moment of the season and it brings everything up to speed with the show finally ended up where it began.

She flees to an outpost and is then confronted by her stalker.

Now to me, this is clearly her father and I think it’s safe to assume that he faked his own death.

They did say in the season that he never left a note and though not unheard of it is uncommon for this in suicides. If he didn’t die he wouldn’t leave a note and therefore we can guess that this is him.

We know that during the huge event that happened when he was on tour caused a giant gas cloud and as we know this character can change into smoke, there is definitely a connection there between the two.

He has also been following Sidney and this is probably because he was worried that she may inherit his abilities and if she did that she would not know what to do with them.

I definitely don’t think that he’s a malevolent figure, rather I believe that he will be her mentor who will help her control her abilities so she does go off like he did.

Clearly she has the ability to kill and if left unchecked this could lead to her murdering many similar to how he did.

As for Sidney herself, though the police are after her, I don’t think that they would be able to tie her to the death purely because she didn’t touch the character and there were several witnesses around that saw this.

There’s just no way to prove that someone psychically killed someone so I do think that she will be in the clear.

If there is another season I believe that her father will train her and slowly he will come back into the picture which will cause problems in the family.

It teases a lot for the future and I am very interested to see what happens next.

I Am Not Okay With This Season One Review

Ok so I did have a lot of fun with I Am Not Okay With this, I haven’t read the graphic novel so I didn’t really know what to expect. I went into this completely blind without even seeing the trailer and just, in general, didn’t really have any idea what was going on.

Now since writing the script for this video I have gone back and read other reviews to see what people thought about it and I was really surprised to see it didn’t really have that many positive reviews.

On the contrary, I have seen pretty mediocre to negative reviews on the show but I did enjoy it.

Now whether these changes or not we will see but I definitely think it deserves a lot of praise.

Sophia Lillis does a great job at dealing with the main character’s struggle and she balances being unlikable at points when the character lashes out to be very charming and someone that you can easily get behind.

It’s quite a complex thing to be able to do but the actor handles it really really well.

I think that the Soundtrack is phenomenal and due to the season’s length it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome.

The show is also edited really well and because of this, it’s a breeze to get through.

It worked for me on a lot of levels and I found the humor and characters in general to be nice representations of high school life and the complexities with it.

Though it’s a pretty simple story and comic book adaptations are a dime a dozen right now, I am not okay with this was something that I had a lot of fun with.

I would love to see more so the series definitely did its job and that’s why it gets a…


Your Thoughts

Ok so that’s our review of I am not okay with this, obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the season and whether you enjoyed it or not. Comment below and let me know.

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