Let’s Play Injustice 2 (Story Mode Playth...

Let’s Play Injustice 2 (Story Mode Playthrough) Part 1 By Deffinition

Let's Play Injustice 2 Story Mode Part 1

Batman V Superman Mixed With Mortal Kombat (All Cutscenes)

If you’ve been following my website then you’ll know that I am a HUGE DC fan. I’m currently doing a read through of all the Batman Graphic Novels in chronological order which can be found by clicking this link! So as you can guess….I’M A BIT OF A GEEK.

I absolutely loved Injustice: Gods Among Us and believe that the graphic novel run is one of the best that DC have ever put out. So naturally I was very hyped for Injustice 2. It’s been four years since the original and I never got a chance to do a Let’s Play of that….so time to make up for it!

I will be playing through the story and giving my usual criticism’s and applauses. So join me on this adventure in my Let’s Play: Injustice 2. This playthrough contains All Cutscenes and Story Tangents!

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