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With It Chapter 2 closing the book on the battle of The Losers Club Vs Pennywise, I thought I’d revisit one of my older videos and bring it fully up to date with the new movie.

I just wanna give a huge thank you to everyone who watched the breakdown last time and thanks for getting it to 6 million views. You guys are the best and I massively appreciate all the support on the channel.

Once again, I’ve been through both films with a fine-tooth comb to let you know all of the times that Pennywise popped up in the background of scenes and this is now the definitive list for every appearance of the character.

It’s crazy the number of times that he pops up and hopefully, this list will enrichen your love for the two films by showing you just how much of a hold that the killer clown has on the town of Derry.

There are gonna be huge spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to watch both films then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way let’s get into my breakdown of every time that Pennywise was hidden away in the background of a scene.

Every time Pennywise Was In The Background Of IT

The first one comes right at the beginning of the film within the first five minutes before Georgie even comes face to face with the character in the sewers.

As Georgie makes his way down to the basement he passes several impressions of Pennywise and even almost bumps into the character directly when making his way down the stairs to the bottom part of the house. Throughout his home there are several small images of Pennywise engrained into the wallpaper as Georgie make to get the wax and in a blink and you’ll miss it moment that roughly takes place over two frames, you may also notice his small shiny eyes watching the young boy at the top of the stairs as he descends into the flight of steps.

Whilst he also appears later in the scene, hiding under the stairs, this is the first of many examples that show that he’s always one step behind his prey, constantly stalking them and waiting for the perfect moment to attack. Who knows how long he followed Georgie for during this scene but it’s enough to give you Goosebumps as you realise that once Pennywise has it’s eyes on you it’s difficult to get away.


The Library Scene

Up next is the Library scene with Ben in which there are several minor appearances by Pennywise before he makes his final play and tries to attack the character in the basement of the building. I guess the rule is, if there’s a killer clown after you, just don’t go downstairs anywhere.

Anyway, the first one comes in the form of the creepy librarian that slowly watches Ben as he reads about the history of Derry. Throughout the scene the mysterious librarian creepily stares at him, smiling as he digs deeper into what exactly may be going on in the town. It’s a really haunting scene and is something that I didn’t even pick up on my first couple of watches though the more you focus on the background of the scene, the more that you realise that Pennywise is slowly making his play.

I noticed comments last time of people saying it was just the woman doing her job but she’s also standing in the exact same position that the Balloon appears in in the next shot that leads Ben to go down into the Basement which cements for me that the character is indeed taking on her form.

it chapter 2 easter eggs explained every time pennywise was in the background of a scene things you missed post credits scene trivia

Another blink and you’ll miss it moment also happens in this scene when Ben is flicking through the book, in a small frame that flies by so fast you have to screenshot it in order to see it, you will see the children’s Easter egg hunt that infamously ended in disaster. In the top corner of the photo when paused you will notice a blurry vision of Pennywise that shows he was the cause behind the massacre and has been in the town at several key points.

As we know from IT, Pennywise is often at the centre of many famous disasters in Derry and this confirms that he was indeed behind the many deaths in the Easter Egg hunt.


Ben Gets Bullied

Soon after this scene, Ben is caught by Henry Bowers and we see a balloon pop up in the back window of a car. During the attack as he calls out for help which goes completely unnoticed. This shows that Pennywise has a hold over the adults in Derry and is psychically controlling them so that they will appear nonchalant to any trouble that children in the area get into.

This is why Beverly’s father can’t see the blood in the bathroom and why in one of the film’s many deleted scene’s Bill’s father is unable to see that the basement is flooded after the encounter with Georgie and Pennywise down there.

Whilst the one in the car is rather obvious it adds a nice amount of subtext to the city and definitely lets you know that Pennywise has the ability to reach into pretty much every aspect of Derry.

Ben’s Wound

The next one comes during the scene in which the Losers Club try and help Ben with his cuts. The characters are all leaning up against a wall with graffiti behind then which seems innocuous enough until, during the scene, Pennywise’s face appears in the markings watching them. The face definitely isn’t there earlier in the scene so it’s safe to say that this has been done with something else other than a spray can. It’s an awesome little addition that once again cements just how able Pennywise is with hunting his prey, he can follow them wherever he wants to and this makes him infinitely more terrifying.


The Fair

Up next is another rather obvious one but I thought I’d include it in case you missed it. During the scene in which the losers club all admit that they are afraid of something, we can see a clown on the stage in the background staring at the group and when Richie says that he hates clown, the figure reaches out menacingly to him with a balloon and from this point out just stares at him.

Yep, that’s Pennywise alright, the clown is in fact played by Bill Skarsgard who also plays Pennywise so it’s clear that he’s using the form to spy on the children and this scene is given more weight in IT Chapter Two when Richie is haunted by the creature at the same location in IT Chapter 2,

The TV Show

Pennywise also makes an appearance in the TV show that seems to be plastered across every television screen in Derry. Whilst Pennywise definitely appears at the end, taunting Henry to kill his own father, if you go back and watch the movie you will notice that this show also appears in the rest of the film throughout the entire town. Firstly Eddie’s mother is sat watching it when the children go out, later when Beverly sneaks past her father, he too is watching it. So it might just be a great thing to watch like the Heavy Spoilers show right? Well, you can actually hear the woman in the show say “it’s ok to go play in the sewer. It’s safe and fun!”

This, of course, is telling children to enter Pennywise’s domain and to potentially become his next meal so yeah, it’s definitely probably the creepiest thing that anyone could be watching.

Sitting next to the presenter are the missing children from Derry who all have severe wounds in their body that probably indicate the brutal way that Pennywise killed them.

This entire TV show is another method that Pennywise uses to control the town and what makes it clear that Pennywise is behind it all is cemented by the fact that it’s playing when Beverly sneaks past, then when we cut back to the tv moments later it’s just playing static.

It Chapter 2 Hidden Pennywise scenes

Bob Gray Bottle

On the way to the house on Neobolt Street, before they enter we can see a bottle with Bob Gray on it that has a callback to Pennywise who famously used to use the moniker. Bob Gray is a reference to the serial killer Albert Fish who too used the pseudonym when carrying out his killings.

The Doll

The final one for the film comes in the house on Neobolt Street in which Richie becomes trapped in a room full of Dolls. Not only is there a one that resembles the original IT portrayal by Tim Curry in the 1990s mini-series, there’s also one that looks like Pennywise on the right-hand side. Both sides of the room show the history of Pennywise and it showcases that the character was watching Richie far before he jumped out of the coffin to attack him.

It Chapter 2 Hidden Pennywise

The first one we see in It Chapter 2 is during the introductory logos in which we can see the deadlights floating around the Warner Bros and New Line Logo letting us know that these will be major parts of the film.

Henry Bowers

When we are introduced to Henry Bowers we can see in his room images of Pennywise on the wall, most notably a red balloon which shows that he never really got it out of his head.

Mike’s Vision

The next major one we see appears during Mike’s vision of how to carry out the ritual of Chud. When viewing how IT came to Derry we can see a form of Pennywise standing behind Mike mimicking his movements and also in the scene we see the original form that it used to attack the Native Americans in the area which was a giant bird and a huge beast.

One of the forms for a split second looks like the original Spider-form that is seen at the end of the 1990 miniseries and in Mike’s room there’s actually a poster with Pennywise on which is promoting the Derry Canal Days.

There’s no reason Mike would wanna have up an image of the thing that scared him the most throughout his entire life so I have a sneaking suspicion that Pennywise put it there himself.

It Chapter 2 Everytime Pennywise Was In The Background Of A Scene

Beverly’s Token

The next one is pretty obvious and was shown in the teaser trailer for the film. This is Bob Gray who in the scene we discover was a victim and alter ego that Pennywise adopted at the start of the prior century in Derry. This call back to the bottle from the previous film is pretty nice and there’s also some hints that Pennywise is in the room just before Beverly enters it including the door which says Marsh before it changes to Kersh before Beverly knocks and Bill Skarsgard’s voice which can be heard answering the door and asking who’s there.

This shows that Pennywise probably made it’s play at the last second and jumped there, creating the illusion just before Beverly knocked.

Ben’s Vision

When Ben revists the school we also get a hint that Pennywise is infact using Beverly’s form as it’s shadow appears infront of the projector before there is seemingly a fake out and we see that it’s just Bev. Well in hindsight we know that this was indeed the character, popping up to unnerve him before quickly changing its form to try and get Ben to let his guard down.

I guess you should never go to Summer School or whenever this was that Ben attended whilst also fighting the creature, making friends and building an underground bunker…yeah some of these retcons don’t work.

pennywise in the background of scenes

The Fun Fair

Anyway, when Bill chases the boy that now lives in his old house at the funfair in order to save him from the snatch of The Killer Clown, we can see several elements of the funhouse that feature the 1990s miniseries Pennywise played by Tim Curry.

They’re not your typical punching bag as they almost knock Bill off his feet when banging into him showing that Pennywise always packs a punch.

Beverly In The Bathroom

And finally at the end of The Movie when Beverly is in the Bathroom, against the wall we can see a graffiti version of Pennywise pressed on the wall of the stall. This isn’t in the stall in the first film when Beverly sits in there and is tormented by Greta the Bully so it looks like this was later added by the creature in order to leave an impression.

This crudely drawn kids version of the character lets you know that Pennywise will always be a part of Derry one way or another and is a nice little squiggle that holds a lot more weight to it than a simple drawing.

Your Thoughts

And that’s every time that I noticed Pennywise popping up in the background of a scene in the film. Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these, did you notice them and have you spotted any more? Comment below and let me know!


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