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IT: Chapter 2: Official Trailer Explained | Full Breakdown + Stephen King’s Reaction To The Movie

it chapter 2 explained breakdown everything you missed from the stephen king pennywise teaser all easter eggs blood ritual of chud 2

The official trailer for It Chapter 2 has just been released and the first glimpse at the film has a lot to unpack from it.

There’s a hell of a lot of hype around this film with Youtube even advertising that there’s going to be a trailer so the creative team are clearly very confident with the movie.

Throughout this video, I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about the first teaser as well as what could happen in the movie.

This is full spoilers ahead, so if you don’t want to know anything about the movie or what could happen going off the source material then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way thank you for clicking this video, I hope you enjoy it, now let’s get into my IT: Chapter 2: Trailer Breakdown.

IT: Chapter 2 Trailer Breakdown

From the first look at the trailer, it’s pretty safe to say that this is sticking very close to the source material with the Losers Club returning 27 Years Later to take down Pennywise the Clown.

Since their pact in the first film, they have all went their separate ways and the film will clearly not only tackle the danger that Pennywise presents but also how friendships fracture over the years with many of the characters not wishing to return to what could be their death.

Mike now works as a librarian in Derry, Bill has become a bestselling horror novelist, Ben is an architect, Beverly is a fashion designer and Richie is a late night television comedian. Eddie still lives with his mother and runs a limo service which Stan is a real estate broker. They all have gone onto lead happy lives as Pennywise promised, except maybe Eddie, however, that doesn’t mean that the oath should be forgotten and it’s pretty clear that Mike will be the one that has the bring them together.

It’s clear that their childhood still haunts them, with Beverly returning to her home to reflect on her past and finding her old note. However, this isn’t a happy place and its clear that Pennywise has been waiting for her, disguised as an old woman to lure her into a sense of safety.

From here the trailer escalates quickly and the tone of it is absolutely terrifying, hats off to whoever cast this old woman cos she kills it.

it chapter 2 explained breakdown everything you missed from the stephen king pennywise teaser all easter eggs blood ritual of chud 2

Around the room are old pictures including one of Pennywise, for those who don’t know, the creature landed in Derry and used this appearance to lure children to him. Pennywise is as old as the town himself and he actually helped it to grow so that he had a constant supply of food, in the book pennywise is as much as the town as the town is him and this image is a nice callback.

From here we get clips of the film with the losers club having to return to the well in order to take him down, as the final shot shows that he is still hunting children.

It’s a terrifying first look and I love how they play it as a scene and if the atmosphere continues like this then we are in for a real treat.

The Ritual Of The Chud

Now one of the most notable things about the film is that it will retain one of the strangest elements of the book named “the Ritual of Chüd.”

In the original novel, this involved the Losers Club performing jokes and other abstract things to ward off Pennywise. It’s extremely surreal and deals with many metaphysical concepts but screenwriter Gary Dauberman has confirmed that it indeed appears in the film.

When discussing this in an interview with Cinema Blend he stated:

“The Ritual of Chüd is challenging, but it’s such an important component to the book that we had to address it. That stuff is difficult to balance, but because the creative team worked with each other before, when I’m writing pages and all that stuff, it becomes more of a conversation and less like, ‘Hey, here’s what I did.’ It’s sort of organic; it’s really kind of just chipping away at the stone and trying to find the most focused, accessible way into some of the more metaphysical aspects of that book.”

I think this scene has the potential to either make or break the movie but either way it’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out on screen.

Pennywise Explained

I actually hope we get a bit more of the background of Pennywise in this movie as though the original teased it I really would like to see a study on the character in the film.

Pennywise of course feasts off of fear and this is why he is forced to go after children. Though he is a shapeshifter, the character found that upon attempting to go after adults, he found it difficult to manifest as the things that they tend to worry about such as unpaid bills and job worries. This, of course, gives the losers club a huge advantage when facing him now and I’d love to see at least some lip service paid to the fact that he finds it difficult scaring them when he’s not in Pennywise form as that’s the main thing that they all fear now.

Whilst I do think in the book the second chapter is weaker than the first I hope it’s reversed for the films with this being a massive moment for horror movies.

Stephen King’s Reaction

To back that up we have a pretty solid endorsement that comes in the form of Stephen King who this week tweeted:

‘Looking forward to IT Chapter 2? You should be. I’ve seen it, and it’s terrific. The trailer is coming Thursday, at noon. You’ll float.’

So, that’s pretty much as good of an endorsement as you can get right. Well, King has been pretty critical of some of his adaptations in the past whilst praising others that weren’t so good,

I don’t wanna get too heavy into the whole Stanley Kubrick argument but it’s pretty public that King did not like the original Shining movie and even went on to make his own which yeah…didn’t do well. It’s probably my favourite horror of all time or if not first, second to John Carpenter’s The Thing, so I’m definitely taking this recommendation with a pinch of Salt.

Saying that though, at least King has been honest in the past when he’s hated a movie so this is a something to at least get excited over.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the trailer so make sure that you comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video then please like it and make sure you check out my full trailer breakdown of this week’s other big teaser which is Spider-man: Homecoming.



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