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It Comes At Night Review | Film Talk

It Comes At Night Movie Review Majorly Overrated

Majorly Disappointing

It comes at night IS NOT about the clown ‘It’ who has sex with women after 8 o’clock.

Apologies, these jokes are BAD.

I went in to It Comes At Night with no idea of what the story was about. Throughout I kept guessing at what the big bad could be and the overall reveal fell a bit flat.

This is the story of a family amidst a plague, they live off road and want to be secluded from the rest of the world. When a break in occurs they decide to take in another family, fear of the virus drives a wedge between the two families and the tension rises from here. Visually it reminded me a lot of ‘The Last Of Us’, Joel Edgerton pretty much plays Joel, they look similar, dress similar and even pack gas masks to avoid infection. But it doesn’t pack the punch and threat that the last of us had.

What annoyed me was how many dream sequences there were.

It Comes At Night Review

It Was All A Dream

This movie has more dream sequences than Batman v Superman, this movie has more dream sequences than a Martin Luther King speech. This movie has more dream sequences than you will have your entire life and when they don’t go anywhere it’s a bit boring, especially when all tension is removed by the third one because you know it’s a dream sequence.

There’s some scenes in which you think the young boy might fancy the girl from the other family, this goes no where, watch some porn if you want some intimate scenes of romance in my opinion.

The films really well shot and the score does a good job at making the film feel more tense than it actually is. It’s well acted but there’s just something missing from it. In terms of being a horror it isn’t scary and I don’t think fans of it would even enjoy it on the second watch.

We’ve seen a resurgence of good horror recently with the autopsy of Jane doe, occulus, it follows etc but this just falls flat. Honestly if you want a film in the vain, packed with desperation I would go with The Road. It has the same ideas but executes them a lot better.

Overall I found the film really disappointing, it was hyped up massively and just doesn’t really deliver on it’s interesting premise or beginning.

That’s why I’m giving it a


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