Jack Reacher Never Go Back Review

Jack Reacher Never Go Back Review

Jack Reacher Never Go Back Review

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Jack reacher: never go back, sounds like a Justin Bieber concert, it stars Tom Cruise, he’s back, and that bird from the avengers, that’s probably not politically correct, the movie is about tom cruise being in a long distance relationship, he’s been chatting up the bird from the avengers, probably not politically correct, and decides to go and see her, when he gets into town he finds out hes got a daughter, he owes a shit load of child support, he’s basically cock blocking himself, and the bird from the avengers, probably not politically correct, has been put in jail, so basically the movie is about him uncockblocking himself against impossible odds, some would say it’s a “mission impossible” others would say they hope….”jack…..reach….her…..in tim……..” SHAKE HEAD….doesnt work


Anyway, the movie opens in a thrilling way. We have jack doing his usual, knowing everything that’s going on, and he tricks a cop into arresting him and then the cop gets arrested himself, I don’t have any footage from the film but I’ve made this reconstruction.


“Now im the here sherriff in these parts and you’re under arrest”


“alreet mate, heres whats ganna gan doon”


I cant do the accent


“in 90 seconds that phones gonna ring, and it’s gonna be ya mar, cos I’ve been pulling her on the side”


So as you can see the movie gets off to a great start and continues from there. It’s paced really well and you never go too long without tom cruise showing off what a badass he is.


He went’ rogue in mission impossible 5, he went rogue in mission impossible 4, he went rogue in mission impossible 3….I don’t think he went rogue in mission impossible 2, he went rogue in mission impossible 1 and hes went rogue here. Tom Cruise GOES ROGUE and shit goes down. Whilst the movie is your standard action affair it still has a great blend of serious and lighthearted moments, I recently watched the first jack reacher for the first time and I absolutely loved that and this is par for the course. It’s highlights throughout things like equality as we are dealing with two trained soldiers, one male and one female as well as tom cruise coming to grips with the fact he has a daughter. There aren’t really any down moments in it and if you liked the first film you should have just as much fun with this.


On a scale of mission impossible 2 to mission impossible 4 I’d mark it at a mission impossible 3


Overall from me it gets a 7.5 out of 10.


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