Jack Ryan: Season 1: Ending Explained + Season ...

Jack Ryan: Season 1: Ending Explained + Season 2 Predictions

Jack Ryan Season 2 Predictions

Jack Ryan is an Amazon Prime Original Series starring John Krasinski. Based on the works of Tom Clancy, the show tackles issues such as terrorism, foreign policy, biological warfare and more.

Throughout this article, I will be discussing the first season of the show in full as well how the work ties into the movies and what could come down the line. There will be heavy spoilers, so it may be worth skipping this for now if you want to go in with fresh eyes.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and this is my ending explained video for Jack Ryan: Season 1.

Season One Plot Synopsis

Jack Ryan: Season One follows the titular character in his hunt for the Suleiman. An extremist Muslim that Ryan believes could be the next Bin Ladin.

After the terrorist launches a biological attack in France, the stakes rise exponentially and Ryan is tasked with bringing the Suleiman to justice. With help from his Captain: Agent Greer…..sorry I mean Officer Greer, Ryan manages to catch up with the terrorist’s wife as she is attempting to escape across the border under the guise of being a political refugee. Through his investigation, Ryan learns that the Suleiman has managed to obtain a deadly strain of Ebola which he plans to contaminate US hostages with.

Suleiman realises that if he allows ground troops to rescue the hostages that they will eventually come into contact with The President due to his close relationship with the head kidnapee. This will cause the President to become infected with the disease which will spread it to his top aides, Congress and more. It will require intense medical care and has the potential to completely destabilise The Government.  In addition to this, he launches another attack in The US that is intended solely to cause confusion and chaos.

Jack Ryan Season One ending explained spoiler talk review on the amazon original series

Ordering his right-hand man to bomb a Pizza Parlour as a diversion, the Suleiman seems to be one step ahead of his enemies. However, Ryan concludes that this is merely a distraction from the Terrorist’s real endgame. Similar to his attack in Paris on the priest, the restaurant bombing has been carried out to provide cover for their real plan. This has been a multi-step process the entire time and the terrorist’s true plan is to release Cesium within the hospital that the President is being treated at.

Deadlier than Ebola, when released through the ventilation ducts it will immediately kill all those that come into contact with it. Ryan realises the masterplan however and The CIA evacuate the hospital. Chasing Suleiman through the Subway, Ryan dodges trains and bullets and manages to bring the terrorist down by using the dirty tactic of announcing that he has his son. Suleiman dies at the scene and Ryan returns The Suleiman’s son to the rest of his family. This highlights the arc that he has went on as Ryan believed that Children could also be swayed by the war due to one earlier in his career killing his teammates during a helicopter rescue.

The series ends with the surviving soldiers of Sulieman’s being hunted down Matice, a French Intelligence officer who wants revenge on those who committed the attacks in Paris. Greer goes to Moscow and Ryan is promoted to The Head Of T-Fed.

Season 2 Predictions

If you’re a fan of the Jack Ryan films and fiction, then you know that the character doesn’t exactly have much to look forward to. Outside of the show, Ryan has been featured in five films including: The Hunt For The Red October; Patriot Games; Clear and Present Danger; The Sum Of All Fears; Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Whilst all are great films and an easy direction to go into, I personally believe that the most likely course of action that Season 2 will take is that of The Sum Of All Fears.

Jack Ryan Season 2 Predictions

In The Sum Of All Fears, terrorists detonate a nuclear bomb in the city of Baltimore during a football game that destroys the city and almost kills The President. The terrorists frame Russia in an attempt to cause World War Three. This is definitely is an aesthetic that could metaphorically work alongside a lot of the real world fears that America currently has about the country.

Their name is often brought up when discussing the election of President Trump and I think it would be the perfect thing to do a second season on. With Greer being relocated to Russia, this is the perfect place for Ryan to come to his aid later down the line. However, there is definitely the potential that Jack Ryan will go down a Hunt For The Red October route which involves evacuating a defecting general from Soviet waters.

We will just have to wait to see what happens.

Your Thoughts

So what did you think of Jack Ryan: Season 1? Have you seen the other film’s featuring the character and how would you rank it amongst them? Comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video then please like it and subscribe to my channel. I create content like this weekly and there will definitely be something on here that you’ll love if you’re a fan of TV.

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Again thanks for taking the time to watch this, I’ve been Deffinition, you’ve been the best and I’ll see you next time. Take care, PEACE!

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