Jeffrey Wright Cast As Commissioner Gordon In U...

Jeffrey Wright Cast As Commissioner Gordon In Upcoming Matt Reeves Batman Movie

jeffrey wright commissioner gordon

It’s an awesome day to be a Batman fan with us finally getting several reports that Jeffrey Wright will be playing Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming Matt Reeves Batman film.

We had lots of news outlets late last week state that Wright was in talks to play one of the Caped Crusader’s greatest allies and after Batman day passed over the weekend, Wright made an enigmatic tweet over one of the posts. In the post he did the eyeglass emoji which…everyone thought was…Penguin…which is fair enough…I thought it was Penguin..however it looks like we finally have confirmation that he will, in fact, be the city’s most famous policeman.

jeffrey wright cast as commissioner gordon in the upcoming batman matt reeves film

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news and this was followed up by Collider and Comic that the actor was indeed being eyed for the role.

Now personally I think this pretty much confirms the news and this is a classic strategy by Warner Bros. that we’ve seen deployed several times in the past.

As with the casting of Robert Pattinson, DC tend to put feelers out on the internet before making official announcements and this has been put in place in my opinion purely to gauge the reaction of the web which so far has pretty much been very positive.

What This Casting Means

Now when this is officially confirmed, which I think will be in the next couple of days, there’s two things that we can take from it:

  1. The upcoming film will 100% not be connected to the Batman V Superman Universe. We did pretty much know this already as DC are wanting to distance themselves slightly from that. However, this pretty much confirms it with J.K. Simmons portraying him in the other universe.
  2. As this is a film set in the early days of Batman’s history, Wright may not be Commissioner just yet.

Now the movie is based on The Long Halloween in which Gordon was not the Commissioner and was instead a Captain so, similar to the Dark Knight Trilogy, this film could potentially show his rise through the ranks during the war on crime.

jeffrey wright commissioner gordon

My Reaction

As you can probably tell, I’m very excited by this news and I pretty much love Wright in well….everything he’s in. He’s got a really commanding presence so whether he’s in Source Code, The Hunger Games or Westworld he’s always someone that leaves an impression and I think that this is pretty great casting.

Now as always with some things like this there are some people crying out that it’s a race swap but honestly, I really think that Wright is perfect for the role even if Gordon is traditionally portrayed as a white man. Apparently the role was between Wright and Marhashala Ali but the Blade movie got in the way for the latter but even if it hadn’t I still think that Wright is by far more suitable for the role.

This is the second casting announcement that we have and so far the movie is shaping up to be incredible, hopefully, this signifies the announcement of more casting to come as we have rumors that Jonah Hill will be playing The Riddler, though this remains to be seen.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on this news and if you’re excited for the film or not. Comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video then please like it and make sure that you check out my breakdown of the best Easter Egg that you missed in all of the MCU movies. This little detail ran all the way from Iron Man up to Avengers Endgame so it’s definitely worth checking out if you wanna know more.

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