John Higgins: Watchmen Colourist Podcast Interv...

John Higgins: Watchmen Colourist Podcast Interview: Watching The Watchmen

Watching The Watchmen John Higgins Watchmen Colourist Interview with Tom Kwei and Deffinition

John Higgins Interview with Tom Kwei And Deffinition

John Higgins is a world-renowned artist and colourist that has worked on graphic novels such as The Watchmen, The Killing Joke and 2000 AD. We were blessed to have him as a guest on our podcast Watching The Watchmen.

In our discussion we revisit how he first became a colourist and map out his early career from beginning as a Medical Illustrator to his transition into comics. It was brilliant to chat to such a knowledgeable creator and he provided a wealth of insight into an element of comic books that is often overlooked.

Of course we discuss The Watchmen, arguably his most famous work, however, we also gain his opinion on the recolouring of The Killing Joke, Watchmen Noir and the movie adaptation by Zack Snyder.

This one is definitely not to be missed and fans of The Watchmen will love this episode. It was a pleasure to have John on the show.

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If you’d like to hear more insight from The Artist then you can purchase his book here:

Beyond Watchmen and Judge Dredd by John Higgins

The Art Of John Higgins

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