Joker Full Leaked Plot Breakdown | Entire Story...

Joker Full Leaked Plot Breakdown | Entire Story Spoilers & Ending Explained

Joker Script Leaked

It’s time to put a smile on that face with a full plot leak breakdown of the Joker. I’ve put together this entire story from the script that was leaked last year as well as some of the newly confirmed details that we have.

In a recent interview Todd Phillips did say that some details had changed from the initial script leak and that there would still be some surprises but on the whole, things were still quite similar.

Now all leaks like this should be taken with a pinch of salt and though we won’t be able to confirm if this is right or wrong until we see the movie for ourselves, these line up a lot with trailers and behind the scene footage so it makes a lot of sense.

From here on out its huge spoilers ahead so if you don’t want anything about the film potentially ruined for you then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way, I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this video now let’s get into my breakdown of Joker!

Joker Script Breakdown

Ok so the first thing that you need to know is that the movie is set in 1981 Gotham, which is when the city is at it’s lowest point due to a seemingly unending crime wave. In addition to this, there’s a garbage strike which means that the city is pretty dirty both literally and figuratively.

We saw in the second trailer that there were trash bags piled up in alleyways everywhere and this seems to line up a lot with what we know so far.

Joker Script Leaked

Joker Spoilers

The film follows the rise of Arthur Fleck who is initially just a clown for a talent agency. Fleck has severe mental health issues that include laughing when he’s nervous and because of this, a social worker keeps a close eye on him.

Fleck wishes to become a stand up comic but due to his nerves, his sets are often ruined and thus he never really gets anywhere.

One day he’s assaulted and his friend tells him to get a gun for protection. Arthur develops a crush on his neighbor Zazie Beetz, a single mom who works at a bank and begins stalking her. She treats him well out of pity, which he misconstructs as genuine affection.

Joker Connection To The Waynes

In addition to this Fleck is a caretaker for his mother who just so happens to be a former housekeeper of Wayne Mansion, which I’ll get into later. The household, headed up by Thomas Wayne is currently in the spotlight because Thomas is running for mayor. Those who’ve read Batman: Earth One will remember that in that Thomas was running for Mayor against The Penguin and that the character was killed for it so that the miniature crime boss could become elected and control the city.

Fleck’s mother is obsessed with the Mayoral Candidate and apparently, Wayne fired her from working at his property because of this. Thomas Wayne is the Mayor and people have been protesting against him for neglecting the poor masses.

The Origin Of The Joker

Fleck, desperate for money takes a new job but after he is mocked on the subway he cracks slightly and violently kills three Wall Street guys who are also harassing a young woman and these murders inspire a “Resist” movement against Gotham’s wealthy elite.

Basically, this film will centre around the poor uprising against the rich similar to The Dark Knight Rises and due to this, Thomas Wayne, who is viewed as the voice of the rich, becomes a target.

During this time, Arthur’s mother has an episode and is taken to Arkham Asylum and Arthur also discovers his neighbour has a boyfriend which causes him to have a violent outburst at the bank she works at which gets her fired.

It’s at this point that Arthur tries his hand at stand up comedy once more but he completely bombs, so badly that footage of his performance is picked up by Murray Franklin, a TV Show Host, played by Robert De Niro who completely ridicules the character, making him a national joke.

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Joker And Bruce Wayne Step Brothers?

Now in the original plot leak, it was stated that:

Police are investigating Arthur for the murders committed earlier which is when he apparently stumbles across a pretty major revelation in his mothers to Thomas Wayne. She claims that they had an affair and that Arthur is the illegitimate son of Thomas, thus making Bruce Wayne and The Joker related.

However, the new details from the plot leak have stated that this is, in fact, a lie, orchestrated by Arthur’s crazy mother as a last-ditch attempt to get Thomas to pay attention to her. Arthur will throughout some of the movies believe that he is, in fact, Bruce’s brother, however, when he discovers the truth, he will go completely off the deep end. Repressed memories of Arthurs’ childhood re-emerge and he remembers that when he was a child he was abused by his Mother’s boyfriend who actually turns out to be his real father.

At this point Arthur goes to Arkham Asylum and kills his mother, he’s also invited on the Murray Franklin show as a guest. Joker appears on the show, shooting Franklin in the head and delivering a speech to rile up Gotham City. He fully embraces the Joker persona during this and from this point onwards is seen in full costume for the rest of the movie.

This is of course pretty similar to the scene from The Dark Knight Returns in which Joker kills a chat show host before going on a rampage and in the film he goes out and murders people who have wronged him throughout the movie however he spares Zeze’s character.

How The Waynes Die In Joker

Now we had heard rumors that the movie ends with Thomas and Martha Wayne being gunned down, however, the new plot leaks suggest that it’s after the speech that it happens. This is because Joker sends the city into a riot due to his words and attackers kill the Wayne’s during the uprising, even going to Wayne Manor to kill them directly. There’s some back and forth on this with some leaks stating that they’re gunned down in an alley whilst others say that it’s at Wayne Manor.

In the one that centres around Wayne Manor, Bruce, scared of what’s going on runs out of the mansion and off into the night which is when he falls into the cave, thus setting up what will happen in the future with the character. He is found by Alfred and a couple of days later he heads to their memorial which is when he encounters Joker.

Joker has been on the run for several days but with police looking over Wayne they notice him and begin to go after him.

The police chase Arthur through Gotham but they finally manage to catch him after he’s hit by a taxi and the film ends with the character in Arkham Asylum dancing around his cell maniacally to Elton John’s ‘Benny And The Jets.’

New Ending Information

Now in the new leaks that have been going round, many people have stated that the film ends rather ambiguously with there being a hint that Joker might not have even committed the things in the film and that they might have all been in his imagination as we did see in the trailer that he kisses Zeze’ Beat’s character but this is apparently just the character’s imagination.

This does however tie back to The Joker as a character, most notably The Killing Joke in which the character says if you’re going to have a past, why not make it multiple choice, meaning that this could have been his origin story or perhaps it’s something completely different.

I am normally against The Joker getting an origin story as I do tend to believe that he’s a force of nature that shouldn’t really have one so at least there is a nod to this so it doesn’t potentially break the thing that a lot of people love about the character. Seeing it get tens across the board has got me really hyped up for the film and I think that it could potentially be the best comic book film of the year.

These new leaks get me even more excited and I can’t wait to see what happens in the film next month.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on these leaks and if you’re excited for the film. Make sure you drop them in the comments section below!

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