Joker Sequel Update: Joaquin Phoenix Interested...

Joker Sequel Update: Joaquin Phoenix Interested Doing Another Movie & The Batman Connected?

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It’s time to put a smile on that face with a lot of news coming forward that we may be getting a Joker sequel at some point.

This comes straight from the clown’s mouth with Joquin Phoenix in a recent new interview with Peter Travers in which the actor stated that he can’t stop thinking about the role and that there is something he has been discussing with director Todd Phillips.

I’ll play the clip from the interview in just a second but make sure you subscribe to the channel to keep up to date with all the new DC movies. Anyway, this is great news for fans of the film as Phoenix has famously been someone who never took part in sequels but it seems like he may be interested in going forward with Joker after this.

Let’s play the clip:

Going off just this it’s clear that Phoenix is obsessed with the role and that he wishes to explore some of the endless possibilities with the character.

I as I’m sure many would love to see a return to the character and there are so many hanging questions over the film that I could happily watch another two hours with Arthur Fleck that shows him terrorising Gotham. The character clearly showed in the film’s finale that Arkham will have difficulty holding him and with the Wayne family murder tie-ins, there is definitely potential to see the clown prince of crime go up against the caped crusader.

Another interesting aspect of this interview is that the actor doesn’t completely shut down rumors of this being tied to the upcoming Batman movie. In the run-up to the film it was publicised everywhere that this would be a stand-alone movie, and all rumors of it being tied to the Batman were shut down but the tide seems to be turning.

The Batman And Joker Linked?

Now you may remember early in the year that in an interview with Variety, Robert Pattinson was asked to comment on the possibility of meeting with Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker on screen and after making a comment on it he asked to retract it from the interview. Now, this instantly made headlines across the internet and whilst we will never know what was said in the interview, the fact that it had to be retracted, hints that things may be in development that the public shouldn’t be privy too.

In addition to this, there are also rumors that have emerged this week from We Got This Covered who state that the same source that told them Viola Davis was returning for Suicide Squad and that Black Adam would be in Shazam 3, that Warner Brothers are interested in doing a sequel.

As of the 13th of October, the film has grossed over half a billion dollars and it just makes sense business wise to have the character go on beyond his first film. The studio may even be putting the pieces in place to eventually have the two come face to face down the line, similar to how Marvel created standalone films before their big cross over.

I would absolutely love to see this and it did put a slight downer on Joker whilst watching it thinking that we may never see this performance once more. However, this interview gives a lot of hope and honestly I will be absolutely over the moon if it gets pushed into development. It just makes sense from a business point of view and obviously the fans will be behind it. DC needs as many hits as they can get right now and what better way to rebuild their reputation with a sequel to their best film since The Dark Knight.

There’s really no downside to it and fingers crossed that we get to see more JOAKER in the future.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on this interview and if you think a sequel will happen or not. Comment below and let me know!

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