Kingdom Hearts 3: Ending Explained | Final Cuts...

Kingdom Hearts 3: Ending Explained | Final Cutscene Theory

kingdom hearts 3 ending explained spoiler talk breakdown of the final cutscene

Kingdom Hearts 3 has finally been released and whilst the finale is dividing a lot of fans, there is still a lot to unpack from it.

Throughout this video I will be breaking down the ending of the game and giving my thoughts on the meaning behind the final scene. There will of course be heavy spoilers here, so, if you’re yet to complete the game then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

For everyone else, I’m Deffinition and welcome to the channel where I ruin it so you don’t have to!

Kingdom Hearts 3: Ending Explained

In the finale of Kingdom Hearts 3 we watch as the heroes finally reunite on Destiny Island after saving the day from Xehanort. Everyone seems like they have all found happiness and we watch as┬áKairi and Sora sit on the Paopu tree. Just as we think that the two are about to kiss, Sora vanishes faster than Thanos can say ‘You should’ve gone for the head’ and it appears that the character is gone.

Whilst there is currently a wealth of speculation over whether he died, vanished or became something else I personally believe he is not really there and has sadly already passed away or went somewhere else.

I think that the heroes are actually looking over and seeing Kairi sitting on her own crying and they are simply imagining what it would be like if Sora was there. This is more of a symbolic scene rather than a literal one and I would hypothesise that Sora sacrificed himself for Kari.

The Paopu tree is symbolic because in prior games Kari and Sora shared fruit from it and thus their destinies were intertwined, something that Riku informed them of at the time.

kingdom hearts 3 ending explained spoiler talk breakdown of the final cutscene

From this we can imagine that the heroes are looking at two people who shared their destinies with one another and they are imagining them together before coming to the realisation that Sora does not actually exist anymore because he gave his life.

He was able to get everyone else back home except for himself and this symbolic look at the tree showcases that though everyone is home safe and has the character in their hearts that he is not actually there though their memories of him at the symbolic location will forever live on.

Whilst Kari originally looked sad, upon touching Sora’s hand in the vision she begins to smile and I think this is the gratitude and happiness that she feels when she imagines the character and all that he did for her.

It’s a really touching aspect of the story that is sure to make some gamers cry and really makes you think about the character and the series.

Your Thoughts

Whilst we still don’t have any concrete answers and probably won’t for a while, it’s still fun to speculate over this final scene and I’d obviously love to hear your thoughts in the comments on it. Do you agree with me or have your own theory? Make sure you leave them below!

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