Kingdom: Netflix: Ending Explained | FULL SPOIL...

Kingdom: Netflix: Ending Explained | FULL SPOILER TALK REVIEW

Kingdom Netflix Ending Explained

Kingdom is a Korean zombie period piece that definitely deserves your attention. Whilst the show initially flew under the radar upon release, this six-episode horror drama is a masterpiece.

Throughout this video, I will be discussing everything that you need to know about Kingdom and it’s ending so there will, of course, be heavy spoilers. This show is by far the best that Netflix has put out in January so I highly recommend that you give it a full watch if you haven’t seen it yet.

But with that out the way, I’m Deffinition and welcome to the channel where I watch it so you don’t have to!

Kingdom: Plot Synopsis

After the King Falls ill with what is believed to be smallpox, the throne comes into contention. Whilst naturally his son the Crown Prince, would inherit this it comes into conflict due to the fact that the Queen is pregnant and about to give birth. If the King does not die until that child is born then it shall rightfully be the next heir.

The Queen is the daughter of a Senate member who lusts for power and wants his Grandson to be the ruler of the nation. This Senate Member named Cho is the main antagonist and whilst this story is set to the backdrop of the show, it is it’s driving force.

The Beginning

After the Crown Prince hears a monster roaming the halls of the Kingdom, he sets out on a mission that involves him committing high treason in order to claim his birthright and find out what is wrong with his father. He travels to Dongnae where we discover that a starving village mistakingly cannibalized a body that had been victim to the King and thus it has caused a disease to spread amongst them that rapidly kills and makes them rise from the dead.

The zombies are seemingly nocturnal and in daylight appear like normal corpses which forces an investigation on what has happened to them as on discovery in the day it appears to be a massacre. However, we learn that it is actually the temperature that stops them from attacking and if it is cool enough then they will which plays into the show’s ending.

Kingdom Netflix Ending Explained

What Causes The Zombies?

The Crown Prince learns that this disease is actually caused by a rare herb called The Ressurection Plant which has been used on the King to make it appear that he is alive until the baby is born. Of course, keeping a group of the undead around isn’t a wise move and when they are brought into a city through the daytime things go awry at night.

We get a fantastic prison scene and the hoard ravage the majority of the population that live there. Personally, I viewed this as a metaphor for the class struggle that we often see in real life. The rich Noblemen at points throughout the show have vast banquets and feasts whilst the poor starve and this show can be seen as the hungry majority rising up to consume the full minority.

I can’t express enough how outstanding the first hoard attack is and it really shocked me to just how unique this show was. It had managed to flip the zombie genre on it’s head and setting it as a period piece was an inspired choice.

Kingdom: Ending Explained

By the shows close, we have a final standoff with the Crown Prince who has found his old master. The Crown Prince leads a group of peasants after softening to their plight. On the other side of this is the Senator who wants to keep control of Power after his son’s death. He brings a group of zombies into the village and this is an incredible last set piece that involves the undead being able to attack due to the freezing cold temperature. Just as it looks like things are about to final showdown, Kingdom does a big F you to the audience and cuts to credits in what is one of the most devastating cliffhangers ever.

In terms of the Crown Prince’s claim to the throne, we actually learn that the Queen has had a miscarriage and is no longer pregnant. Whilst the cause of this is never fully confirmed, one could imagine that it is due to the stress that is caused by her undead husband becoming a monster. We learn that there are a group of pregnant women in the palace and this to me signifies that there are other plans for the heir. We also discover that there is a mole within the Crown Prince’s group and though it is never confirmed I would imagine it to be his loyal bodyguard as he has been put closest to the King and will be able to keep a watchful eye on his movement.

Kingdom: Netflix Review

Overall I thought the show as phenomenal and it’s definitely one of the most interesting zombie premises we’ve ever got. The acting was superb and I highly recommend watching this with subtitles as you don’t really get all the nuances in dialogue from the subtitled version.

Your Thoughts

Of course, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Kingdom and whether you enjoyed the show or not. Please comment below and let me know!

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