KINGDOM Season 3 Ending Fan Theories + Everythi...

KINGDOM Season 3 Ending Fan Theories + Everything We Know So Far

kingdom season 3 theories ending explained spoiler talk review breakdown

Kingdom Season 2 wrapped up with a lot of things up in the air.

Since it’s release a couple of theories about what could really be going on have been worming their way into my head and throughout this, we’re gonna be breaking down some of the things that we believe will happen next time.

There will of course be heavy spoilers here so if you haven’t had a chance to see the show yet then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way, let’s get into our breakdown of our Kingdom Season 3 Theories.

Kingdom Season 3 Release Date

Ok so as it stands, Kingdom hasn’t been renewed for a third season on Netflix just yet. Whilst this would normally be worrying as shows tend to be renewed almost instantly if they are going ahead, there’s a lot going on right now.

Netflix has completely halted production on all of its projects and thus it will still likely get greenlit once everything is back to normal.

This will, however, slow the release schedule though and whilst Kingdom seasons tend to be in production for 13 months, it is more likely that the third season will release towards the latter end of 2021.

The first season arrived in January 2019 and the second in March 2020 but with everything pretty much in lockdown right now when this season will start to go ahead is currently unknown.

Kingdom Season 3 King Theories

That doesn’t mean we can’t speculate over all of the events of the show though and there are a lot of things to talk about. Even though the season is just six episodes long there is still a lot to discuss and theorize over and the first element that we will be going over is what’s up with the young King.

During the final battle of Season 3 the young boy was indeed bitten by one of the undead, however, Seo-Bi managed to escape with the young child and she submerged it in water.

This was shown throughout the season to be the kryptonite for the parasites. Though fire and weapons too worked against them, water wiped them out almost instantly and it became the best way to defeat them.

It’s even the way that the king managed to vanquish the massive horde of the undead that had stormed the palace and it seemed like a cure for the plague that was ravaging the land.

Change abdicated the throne for the young boy and after a big-time jump we saw him as the ruler of the land. He was apparently infection-free, however, in the final few scenes of Season 2 we caught a glimpse of a worm in his body traveling from his original bite wound up to his brain.

A lot of people we left confused because the boy was not showing any signs of infection beyond the worm and Seo-Bi’s research showed that the disease did not affect newborns anyway.

Yet somehow, the disease still remained inside his body even after he had been submerged in water and had likely bathed countless times growing up.

So what exactly is going on?

kingdom season 2 ending explained spoiler talk review

The Parasites Have Mutated?

Well, we do know through the research carried out by the Psyhician that over the parasites have the ability to mutate and evolve. This was documented throughout both seasons of Kingdom and every time they seemed to come back stronger and better adapted to the environments.

Seo-Bi also documented that the plant had several capabilities that they were not aware of so there is a lot of possibilities going forward with it.

Now it is possible that someone placed the resurrection plant into his body after the fact. This could have been done through his food or just injecting him directly.

However, I think what is more likely is that the eggs themselves have evolved to the point that they can now exist in water.

We know that they have the capabilities of evolving and thus I think it’s safe to assume that they are now at this point.

The eggs could have laid dormant in his body for years, survived the washing and water that he came into contact with and then hatched as a higher form of the parasite.

This would make the zombies infinitely more terrifying as, if they are able to survive water now then they will bring a new level of terror to the landscape.

Luckily for the Kingdom, they only animate upon death and due to the boy’s age it will be likely that he won’t be dead for a long time. However, this does put the future occupants of the land in a lot of danger.

An Uncertain Future For The Kingdom

As the original plague is pretty much locked away and kept secret, should the character die, say 50 or 60 years after the events of Season 2, then those left in the land will not have the prior knowledge of what is going on or how to potentially defeat it.

Whilst I doubt there will be a big-time jump of this for season 3, I do think that there will be attempts on his life in order to unleash the virus once more.

But who will this be carried out by?

Who Is Behind The Plague?

Well from the things that we learn at the end of the second season, it does seem like there is a conspiracy that is being carried out by China. This seemingly is in an attempt to destabilize not only the Kingdom but the country itself.

We followed The Crown Prince and co as they traveled to the northern district which is the epicenter of where the resurrection plant grew.

On this trail they discovered a man planting them who stated that his son brought it back with him from China. In China someone had sold the plant to the boy and even given him instructions on how to grow and nurture it, thus increasing the spread of it.

The plant was labeled as a miracle cure for death though as we know this has a downside to it. The two had tried to sell it on, however, nobody believed that it worked and thus their money-making scheme didn’t pay off.

Now I do think that this means that there is a conspiracy in China to take down the country through using the resurrection plant to tear it apart from the inside.

We haven’t really come across any Chinese forces in the season though so there is another possibility.

That is the Japanese.

The show is set in the aftermath of the Japanese invasion and we learn that the resurrection plant was key in defeating them several years earlier. Now they could have learned of this during the conflict and they may have decided to fight fire with fire and take out their enemies by using their own weapons against them.

Personally, though I think the inclusion of China actually points to something else.

It is possible that during the conflict between Korea and Japan that China realized it could take out both sides in one fell swoop. I believe that China supplied the resurrection plant to the Korean forces during the battle in order to help wipe out the Japanese. With one Kingdom decimated in the war, that just left a severely depleted Korea.

China then struck whilst the iron was hot and also unleashed the plague on their country.

This kinda reminded me of the Siamese Fighting Fish scene in From Russia With Love. When three are placed in a tank together, one tends to hang back and let the other two fight one another whilst it waits.

By the time the survivor of the two has won it is so exhausted that it cannot really defend itself and then the other sneaks in.

I believe that a similar tactic is being used here and China was secretly waiting until the victor of the two was weakened so that it could strike.

kingdom season 3 theories ending explained spoiler talk review breakdown

Kingdom 2 The Mysterious Woman Theories

This all leads to the big question on everyone’s lips which is who is the mysterious woman that the season ends on?

The finale of Season 2 ends with the group investigating the Northern Province and here they come across a mysterious woman in a deserted village. There are two possibilities that I’ll be discussing and I’d love to hear your thoughts on which one you think is true.

On their way they came face to face with a zombie that had a bell around its ankle and from this we can speculate that she has been testing them or at least keeping an eye on their movements.

She is clearly not willing to kill them and is keeping them alive for some reason hence why she has needed to add bells to them.

Judging by her clothing she isn’t a local of the area and is actually a sailor.

The dress that she has on was common for sailors at the time and the room we first see her in is littered with shipping containers. Thus we can draw the conclusion that she has come from other lands.

Personally I think that she has brought these zombies over with her on a boat and the bells were placed on them before embarking so they were unable to sneak up on her on the ship. Because they are so dangerous she hasn’t removed the bells and instead has left them on to make sure she’s always one step ahead.

Now this woman could be the mastermind behind the plague but personally I think that she is a soldier that has been sent in to spread it. Kingdom carries the aesthetic and theme that those in power rarely get their hands dirty and they prefer to pit people off against one another.

I think this will be repeated here with the woman being a member of the Chinese forces that have been brought in to take the country out.

If we’re right then the country has already had two prior attempts in trying to destabilize the Kingdom.

Firstly they sent the plants in through the boy, branding it as a miracle cure.

Secondly, they likely had a hand in it being put into the King which led to the events of the show.

After these two attempts failed it is possible that they drafted in this sailor to cause their own new outbreak in the country that will spread from the north to the south.

Now whilst it is possible that she is doing this, there is also another possibility that too ties in with her being a sailor.

It could be possible that she is actually a native of the village that has been out traversing the sea.

She may have just returned to the village to find it completely descimated by the undead and thus she is in the same boat as the others.

I think this will be the more likely as they are clearly teasing her as a big character and I can’t see us starting the next season with a villain that they instantly fight and probably defeat due to outnumbering them.

I think she will likely bring a lot of new information for the group and will likely aid them in their quest to get to the bottom of it all.

Overall there’s a lot to look forward to and I’m sure we’re in for some big surprises going forward.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on these theories and what you think will be happening in the future. Comment below and let me know.

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