Legion Review by Steven Haggie

Legion Review by Steven Haggie

Legion Marvel TV Show

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I heard last year that a new Marvel tv series was to be hitting screens this year, and it would be called Legion.

I had little to no knowledge about Legion at all, so as you do, I performed an search online to find out more.. I discovered Legion was infact, the one and only Professor Charles Xavier’s son, David Charles Haller. Who also has some kind of mind powers… that was extensive as my research got.

Having seen the trailer for the show I was really interested to see what it was all about.

Here is the basic synopsis i grabbed online to let you know how its being billed…

“David Haller was diagnosed with schizophrenia at a young age, and has been a patient in various psychiatric hospitals since. After Haller has an encounter with a fellow psychiatric patient, he is confronted with the possibility that there may be more to him than mental illness.” 

While I was at it I also looked up David (Legion) and discovered his mutant superpowers which kind of helps you understand whats going on abit more in the series if you dont know.. I dont think thats too much of a spoiler, considering it is Marvel and it is X-Men related.. hence the X in the Legion logo.

Legion Marvel TV Show

Xtra Personalities

So, first episode down and we find the main character, David, in some kind of mental institution having had a few problems over the years, finally resulting in his attempted suicide.

The show relies on a few sort of flashback moments, to show you how David has ended up where he is and giving you a sense of the kind of torture he has endured inside his own head.

I really loved the way this was filmed and the cinematography.. some of the shots and the angles in which they are shown to us. Really helps get across the ideas and the imagination of the madness inside his mind I thought. Upside down images and the ping pong table, the use of sounds too, all helps you get into the mind of the character.

He meets a girl in the mental hospital called “Syd”, and is drawn towards her.. although we discover she really doesnt like to be touched. In spite of this the two become girlfriend and boyfriend.

All of this is played out whilst different parts of the story are told.. jumping back and forwards in time. As we find out that in the current timeline David is being questioned by a group of people who are aware of his mutant powers, whilst David himself is unaware of exactly what is going on with him.

These people mean business as you can tell by the set up they have and the direction the questioning takes…. and also the sheer amount of armed men hanging around.

I wont give too much away about the storyline as I dont want to include any real spoilers. The episode does however build up to a climax towards the end as David begins to discover more and more about his, and Syd’s powers. I get the feeling its going to become a little bit of a head f@#% at some points the way their powers may work, but Im sure it will be explained more and make more sense as the story develops. Im just wondering where bloody Prof X is through all of this.. some dad he turned out to be.. could have really put his sons mind at ease like.. quite literally. Unless he doesnt know he exists, thats the only way id except this scenario. My only real criticism, was of some of the vfx at the end, kind of looked abit shoddy to me, although I am abit of a stickler when it comes to that stuff. Also look out for the fat, yellow eyed guy, with the tremendous double chin.. hes sexy as.

The Verdict

Overall I enjoyed this first episode and Im looking forward to seeing how it develops, the scenes in the mental hospital and some other parts kind of reminded me of twelve monkeys.. but thats no bad thing as I loved that film. Id say this had enough in it to grab my interest.. and to try and discover what the hells going on. Plus Im a big Marvel fan anyway, so will be sticking with it to see how it goes.

Id say its definitely worth a look if you are into your marvel and superhero based films and series’. Just hope bloody Prof X turns up for his poor son, or Il never think of that bald prick the same way again.


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