Lego Batman Movie Review By Deffinition

Lego Batman Movie Review By Deffinition

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Should we LEGO of the Batman Franchise?

Check out my Video Review Of The Lego Batman Movie OR read my full script below for my thoughts on the film.

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So when the lego Batman movie got announced I was so/so on it. I’m a huge fan of the character, as you can see, I’ve got loads of junk, all the books, the tattoos, if it was 20 years ago, id get beaten up for this, but after last year’s Batman v superman, (hello darkness my old friend) it seemed that the character was starting to get some negative backlash after the hugely critically and commercially successful Christopher Nolan run, I wondered if the movie makers still had the ability to handle the character in the right way that would appeal to mass audiences and die hard fans alike. I didn’t know If I was just best sticking with the comics. However, Im very pleased to say that this movie completely knocks it out the park, within the first few seconds of the film I was crying with laughter, the film does an excellent job of encompassing everything that is batman. What I love about Batman is that one year you can have our most brutal version of the character on screen and the next you can have a comedic take that parodies all of the character’s rich 78 year history, and both are valid. This movie appeals to all, it has layered jokes throughout that appeal to kids and adults and just because it’s been pitched as being a commercial take on the character doesn’t mean that it is. For batman fans there are thousands upon thousands of easter eggs, literally every 3 seconds there was something that will keep a hardcore fan happy as well as a complete new comer. Without getting too spoiler heavy there are winks to the dark knight returns, the 1966 movie, Michael Keaton, Tom Hardy….I was mind blown when I saw that the two face character, who is in the background most of the film, is based on the billy dee Williams version that we never got….and so on and so on, it’s just loaded to the brim with satire and references and there honestly wasn’t a dull moment. Even as a character study it works brilliantly and answers questions on why batman is such a loner and hints at what it must be like in the long run to cause yourself such isolation, and this is STILL A KIDS MOVIE, I don’t want to spoil too much of the plot, it begins with joker trying to destroy gotham and whilst they could make it clichéd  from then out I really feel like the writers tried to divert from the norm to keep adults and children interested. I kind of view this as Deadpool, but for all ages, it’s fun, hilarious, sad and has brilliant animation and action that will keep you engaged throughout. I really cannot recommend the movie higher and genuinely, I genuinely think this might end up being the best comic book movie of 2017, and we are just in February now. So overall….as you probably guessed it…Im giving this movie a 10/10. Outstanding, brilliant, and a great ride from start to finish.

So have you seen the movie? What did you think? Comment and let me know, check out my other reviews at where im also doing a read through of all the Batman Graphic novels considered canon, we are about 20 books deep now and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of the character, thanks for watching my review and ill see you on the next one. POaIYYYCE

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