Logan Movie Review By Deffinition

Logan Movie Review By Deffinition

Logan Movie review

“It’s Not Perfect”

What did I think of Logan? The latest and supposedly last Xmen film starring Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart. Check out my video review above to find out.

Full script below

Alreet lads, it’s me Wolverine, and I’m gonna cut ya, ya little radgie. Ha! No it’s me, just cosplaying as the famous Hubert Jackman. I’m a massive Wolverine fan, well movie one anyway, I don’t like midgets, or canadians, or anyone, so I was really eager to see the final chapter in wolverines story, from the outset this is a really grim and kind of depressing movie, it’s as bleak as days of future past, it just doesn’t have that fantastical element to it, it’s grounded, it opens on Wolverine getting beat up in a parking lot whilst the wheels on his car get robbed, he struggles to get his claws out, probably struggles to get it up, and this sets the tone for the film, there’s a lot of failures and people not really being ‘superheroy’ i think Logan loses most of the fights he’s in and only gets out because someone helps out, there’s a lot of effin and jeffin, and I fucking hate that, and every character just comes across like they have a Shit life, I’m talking like a contestant from big brother 6, the one on channel five, who was famous for 10 mins and can’t get booked for celebrity appearances but also can’t go back to a normal job so they die cold, and alone, trying to cook a tin of baked beans off the heat from a Casio watch, till they starve, what I love about the movie is that it doesn’t feel like a comic book one, it’s almost like no country for old men in it’s random acts of violence and dour situation, there’s flashes of unforgiven, mad max, professor x has alztimers, Logan is ill, he limps all the time, it’s just very shitty for them, the movie also has a lot of influence from the last of us I feel and Logan and the girl he is tasked with taking to Eden follow a very similar relationship to Joel and Ellie, there’s no cutesy kid moments, it’s not iron man 3, the children in this are all murderers
The movie isn’t perfect to me, a lot of people are giving it 9s and 10s but there are a couple of flaws to me, mainly revolving around the villains who Logan seems to let live throughout or they just randomly get away, the main threat of the film doesn’t talk and there’s just not the depth to the villains that you would get from a magneto or even William striker, I do like how all the soldiers have artificial limbs and the script does a great job of subtly mentioning things that speak on the back story or show up in the lore of the universe, caliban is kind of hit and miss for me, I love Stephen merchant but it took a while for him to win me round in the role
The Xmen continuity is even more fucked now, they openly say that there hasn’t been a mutant born for 25 years so I think this means that everything bar the first film actually happened, if you’ve seen the trailer then you know that Xmen comics are in the movie so this probably means that in the Xmen film universe all Xmen movies from the Xmen film universe are actually part of the ¬†films universe in the Xmen film BALLASJHSHSHAJ it’s meta, it’s very meta we get it, maybe the movies did happen, as we see in the comics books that it’s different stories and the real Xmen are no longer really remembered, just diefied in the comics
There were some pacing issues and the movie does move really slow especially in the middle, however this is a great Xmen film and definitely a good send off for Wolverine and professor x.
It’s good that we’ve finally got an R rated movie, fox has had trouble in the past trying to show what a badass Wolverine is whilst keeping it pg and it has caused compromises in the character, this finally rectifies that and Jackman gets to go all out for once, X-23 does a brilliant job too and I hope dafney Keene is kept in the role for the future, though I don’t know how a skeleton covered in adamantium grows
Overall I give the film an 8/10, it’s really stuck with me since watching it and I can’t wait to watch the next Xmen film that this movie has pretty much already confirmed is fictional, what do you mean they’re all fictional. I really think that the Xmen movies are head and shoulders above the marvel ones but everyone seems to love them so I’m a dickhead. I also preferred days of future past over this, yes the extended cut, now Shut up
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