LOKI DISNEY PLUS LEAK: Show Is Reported To Intr...

LOKI DISNEY PLUS LEAK: Show Is Reported To Introduce Kang The Conquerer Into The MCU

Kang The Conquerer MCU Debut in Loki Show

According to Super scooper Daniel Ricthman, the upcoming Disney plus show will be introducing Kang The Conquerer into the MCU.

Whilst this release was held behind his Patreon, Movie news outlet Full Circle Cinema later posted this on their website and if it’s true it looks like big things are going to be happening in the Marvel Universe.

From the recent Superbowl trailer we know that Tom Hiddleston’s Loki will be captured by the TVA aka the Time Variance Authority.

This mystical agency deals with multiverse matters and stops timelines from spiraling out of control.

Mikey Sutton Leak

Kang has been known to time travel from time to time and this scoop lines up with another one recently posted by Mikey Sutton who stated that Marvel was discussing making Kang the main villain of the upcoming fifth Avengers Film.

Sutton stated that the studio wished to dive deeper into the time travel aesthetic that was introduced in Endgame.

Mikey said that though Doctor Doom and Galactus were planned to be coming down the line, Marvel was planning on using Kang in the meantime to keep the universe ticking over.

Whether this is true or not remains to be seen but in Suttons report, he said that Kang’s threat will unite the Avengers and the Fantastic Four, and the film will feature half of the two teams traveling to the year 2099 while the other half will wind up stuck in the old west, meeting classic western heroes like Two-Gun Kid.

As for Loki himself, the Disney Plus show is said to take the God Of Mischief on a time travel journey in which he tries to change various events in the MCU’s history.

This throws him to blows with the TVA and he is then captured and we also come across Kang in a similar predicament.

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Kang The Conquerer

Kang was first introduced in Fantastic Four Issue 19 all the way back in 1963 and his introduction itself featured the character going back to ancient Egypt to try and attempt to change the past.

Before becoming Kang he was Nathaniel Richards, a 31st Century Scholar that was actually thought to be a descendant of Reed Richards himself.

He tried to put Apocalpyse as his heir but his rule was cut short when he was defeated by the Fantastic Four who had also been displaced through time.

Kang traveled back to the future and met Doctor Doom who he also believed to be his ancestor.

The character then designed his armor similar to Doom and he has provided a strong foe for the heroes of the Marvel Universe.

He is known as the Conquerer because he travels through time attempting to conquer all.

Tonnes of versions of Kang have appeared over the years including Iron Lad who is actually an adolescent version of the antagonist.

Iron Lad himself traveled through time and set up the Young Avengers and as we know that Marvel is planning to do this it does make a lot of sense that Kang may be making his debut soon.

I would actually love to see Nathaniel introduced in Loki and for the events of the show to meld him into his alter ego and the name that we have come to know.

The Next Big Bad In The MCU?

Fans of the comics will know that Kang is a big threat and he definitely could fill the void left by Thanos quite easily. The fact that he can time travel too will negate the plan from Endgame as well as he will be able to combat the strategy that the Avengers used in that to save the universe.

He definitely seems like the correct villain to line up next due to the way that the series has gone so far and he’s an amazing villain.

The leak did not reveal how it was that the character would be introduced into the storyline but there definitely is enough evidence to tie things together.

Overall I’m quite excited and I have heard reports on this in the past but was never quite sure until we saw the TVA badge which in my mind adds a lot more weight to it.

I guess we will find out when Loki debuts on Disney Plus at the start of 2021 but I am very hyped with this news.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the report, if you believe it and what you would hope to see in the show. Comment below and let me know.

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