Love, Death + Robots: Suits Ending Explained &#...

Love, Death + Robots: Suits Ending Explained & All Easter Eggs

Love death and robots suits ending explained and all easter eggs breakdown

Suits is a standout episode in the seminal series, Love, Death + Robots that whilst pretty straightforward on the surface, actually has a lot to unpack from it.

The episode is filled to the brim with Easter Eggs, pop culture references and more so throughout this, I thought I’d break down everything that you need to know about Suits and it’s ending.

This is full spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen the episode yet then I highly recommend that you turn off now!

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and welcome to the channel where I explain it so you don’t have to!

Suits Plot Synopsis

Suits follows a community of farmers that are seemingly under attack from aliens or extra-dimensional beings that on the surface have similarities to the creatures from The Secret Wars.

The episode opens on husband and wife, Hank and Beth who, after being alerted to a breach in their property line spring into action to take down whatever threat may come through it.

What I love about Suits is that it initially begins pretty straightforward and I imagine that a lot of rural Americans will find this opening quite relatable until it gets more and more sci-fi as Hank suits up and approaches the breach to investigate it.

Suits Easter Eggs

There are clear references to the film Aliens in not only the creature design but also in the fact that autocannons are used in a scene which of course pulls from that film and Beth appears similar to Vasquez’ who was one of the movie’s biggest badasses.

Personally, and I may be reaching with this, I also think that Jake’s Neighbour looks similar to John Krasinski’s character Jim Halpert from the office. Krasinski, of course, starred in A Quiet Place which too centres around a farm-based family having to deal with an alien invasion.

Jake’s Mech is also named Khanigore which itself may be a reference to the first episode from Love, Death And Robots: Sonnie’s Edge in which Sonnie’s beast is called Khanivore.

Anyway back to the plot. After clearing out the inital breach, the families are alerted to several more breaches which slowly allows countless amounts of creatures, also know as DV’s, to storm in.

Love death and robots suits ending explained and all easter eggs breakdown

Suits: Ending Explained

With help from the neighbouring farms, Hank attempts to hold the line whilst the families that live in the area retreat to bunkers. There’s some amazing action scenes that feel like they could be part of their own standalone video game and there’s never been a better reason for why we need a mech shooter.

It’s pretty clear that the forces are overwhelmed and whilst Hank orders Jake to retreat to the bunkers, he instead storms ahead and after being heavily battle damaged, sacrifices himself in order to clear the field.

Whilst this manages to kill the majority of the creatues, a giant one that looks like it was pulled straight out of Starship Troopers climbs through the breach and begins approaching the farm. With help from Beth and his ally Mel, Hank is able to take the beast out and the group are given a moment of respite as they reflect on the events.

It’s at this moment that we get the big twist of the episode which is when the camera pans out and we realise that we are not actually on Earth. The humans are the alien invaders and this is infact the creature’s planet.

Love, Death And Robots Suits Ending

It appears that the humans are actually terraforming the planet and using it for resources which would lead me to believe that Earth is probably depleted of it’s own materials due to human’s mining the planet dry. Obviously, no one would want to be put into a position where they are forced to live on planets like this one so it’s pretty safe to say that humanity must be very desperate.

No doubt the inhabitants of the planet view us as a plague which is why they seem to be constantly attacking the many pockets on the planet that the human’s inhabit.

It’s a really great little twist that completely caught me off guard but is hinted to throughout the episode during Hank’s protests about how he wishes that he hadn’t signed up for it.

Overall it’s a twist and it cements the episode as one of my favourites in the run.

Your Thoughts

Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Suits and if you noticed anything that I missed.

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