Love Is Love Graphic Novel Review By Deffinition

Love Is Love Graphic Novel Review By Deffinition

Love is Love Graphic Novel Review By Deffinition

Love is Love Graphic Novel Review By Deffinition

Difficult To Discuss

Love is love is a difficult book to review. It doesn’t have a central character, there is no over arcing plot and nothing that really makes it fit within the term ‘graphic novel’. Only a theme: Love transcends all and all Love is the same. Whether it is hetrosexual, homosexual, a sexual etc. Love comes in many forms but there is no true secular love.

Love is love.

I dont know whether I am this book’s audience. I’m a hetrosexual, 28 year old male with no gay friends. Not out of choice I just rarely interact with them.

So perhaps this book is aimed directly at me. It’s hard to tell. What it did do though is offer me a new perspective on several things.

DC Comic's Gay Comic Book

A New Perspective

The book contains countless stories. Mostly mapped out on one page. I don’t really want to spoil some of the highlights but from the beginning a high bar is set and the book never lets up or falters. Each piece of work is beautiful in it’s own way and the majority of these stories will make you feel all the way down to your very core.

One of the works seminal ideas is the integration of several comic book characters such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and many more. Harry Potter even makes an appearance. By using the characters the writers are able to interest fans such as myself and bring their ideas to the forefront in ways that the typical comic book fan can relate to.

The stories aren’t solely told from a fictional perspective though. There are some outstanding personal moments that you can tell are written from experience.

This is what elevates the book.

It mixes the two perfectly and is paced so well that you never feel the need to put it down. It works from start to finish, no matter the writer or artist. It showcases just how every individual can take the same concept and craft something beautiful with it.

The Verdict

Love is Love is a seminal piece of work that DC should be proud of. To me this piece of work transcends the genre and should be elevated to the heights of The Watchmen, From Hell and Maus. It is a groundbreaking project within commercial comics that will definitely change a few perspectives and make you a better person because of it. I cannot recommend Love Is Love highly enough. It gets the perfect score from me.


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