Luke Cage Series Review By Rex Regis

Luke Cage Series Review By Rex Regis

Luke Cage Review By Rex Regis

Luke Cage Review By Rex Regis

Netflix Let’s The Beast Out The Cage

So given that Marvel Netflix has delivered gold with the two seasons of Daredevil and the first season of Jessica Jones, my expectations were very high for Luke Cage and it more or less hit the mark.


In my opinion both Daredevil seasons and the Jessica Jones season were better than LC but that’s like saying saying a kebab is better then a burger, they were still both awesome!


Where Luke Cage fell short “for me” was in it’s pacing. Contrary to DD and JJ, it was much slower than. On one hand, this is cool because it allows the viewers to absorb the story a lot easier but as someone who knows the characters and background, it kinda had me like “ok let’s move on.”


Each episode looked great and sounded greater. The collection of music is well up my street and the series hit a high point with a cameo from one of my favourite hip hop artists ever, so that sealed the deal lol.

Netflix Luke Cage Review

Marvel’s Villains

The villains in this season were ok… with them being more of a psychological problem for Luke to deal with rather than physical. I suppose this is because it is hard to pose a threat to an indestructible human. Due to this the final villain and fight scene was bit cheesy for me.


The Easter eggs in here were awesome, linking to Jessica Jones and Daredevil as well as the Avengers. Cementing the larger Marvel Universe.


It is difficult to gauge a final score on a 13 episode series compared to a movie as each episode will either be better or worse then the previous one. But here goes…


Overall I give Luke Cage a…




This is a bit lower than Jessica Jones which I gave an 8/10 and both Daredevil seasons got 9’s. So this is still DEFFO worth sitting through almost 13 hours for.


Now Just Bring on Iron Fist!!!



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