Mandalorian Actor Completely TRASHES Star Wars ...

Mandalorian Actor Completely TRASHES Star Wars The Rise Of Skywalker In Brutal Instagram Post

Jack Cannavale The Rise Of Skywalker

Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition and with the Rise Of Skywalker now out for world wide release it seems like
fans are more split than Kylo Ren was over killing his father.

We scored it at a 5/10 but there have been some people that have completely slammed the entire movie including Mandalorian Star Jake Cannavale who recently took to instagram to rant about how bad the movie actually was.

Cannavale recently portrayed a bounty hunter named Toro in the Disney Plus show, The Mandalorian and it looks like the huge star wars fan wasn’t impressed with the overall movie.

Refusing to hold back, Jake labeled the movie as the ‘Worst Star Wars Movie’ ever made and described it as an ‘absolute F***ing failure’

The actor who went to see it on the first night of it’s release stated the following in a big post:

“Rise of Skywalker was hands down the worst Star Wars movie. An absolute f***ing failure. Went to see it last night and I woke up still mad. Like… it rendered the entire new trilogy completely useless.

Jack Cannavale The Rise Of Skywalker

There were more plot holes than there was plot. The amount of ‘by the ways’ was absolutely infuriating. Rise of Skywalker (btw dumbass title) was worse than Phantom Menace AND Last Jedi combined. Fight me.”

Cannavale was later asked if he’d have felt differently if he was in the film an

“Honestly, I think I’d be more mad. Obviously I can’t speak on behalf of the cast. To some actors this is just a job and maybe they’re just happy to be working. To which I say more power to them.

Also, maybe they f***ing loved the new Star Wars! In which case that’s f***ing dope that they got to work on something they truly got to enjoy. Personally, I’ve been a huge Star Wars fan since I was a kid. And I felt pretty let down by the overall laziness of this new trilogy, and also a bit angry at the entitlement of it for pretty much seizing control of the franchise as a whole by basically [saying], ‘Nah we don’t like the ending that everybody’s been cool with for decades, let’s change it!’

I personally would feel pretty depressed if I was in the new Star Wars movie (as a main character I mean. If I was a dude wearing an alien puppet or whatever I’d be f***ing stoked… but still).”

So it doesn’t look like he’s overly happy with the movie I guess you could say. Personally I do feel like there is a lot of validity in what he’s saying with the plot holes being big enough to fly a death star through. It also does in my opinion negate the ending of Return Of The Jedi by returning the big villain of the piece and making Vader’s sacrifice pointless.

The Mandalorian Slams The Rise Of Skywalker

However there are a lot of fans that are happy with the film and on my ending explained video I have many people calling it a satisfying ending for the franchise.

Obviously opinions are exetremly torn on the entire thing with some people slamming the movie whilst others leap to it’s defense.

The film currently sits at 57% on Rotten Tomatoes with it almost being split down the middle as far as reaction goes.

Personally though I kinda feel like when you’re in the profession, especially as connected to Star Wars as Cannavale is that you should kinda keep your opinions to yourself and whilst I agree with what he’s saying it does look a bit unprofessional.

That’s just me though.

Maybe it’s a good thing that people close to the projects feel like they can talk badly about then as it will allow the franchise to grow in a better direction with the inevitable sequels and so on that will no doubt be coming soonish because Disney can never come up with any original ideas.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the entire thing and if you agree with Jake or if you enjoyed the movie.

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