Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Does His First AMA That...

Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Does His First AMA That Answers A LOT of Questions About The MCU

Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Does His First AMA That Answers A LOT of Questions About The MCU

Kevin Feige has just his first-ever Ask Me Anything on Reddit and the creator really went in depth on things in the MCU as well as how the franchise could operate going forward.

Throughout this video I’ll be breaking down the major points of his interactions and what they hint at and confirm.

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This is full spoilers ahead so if you’re not completely caught up to Endgame there may be some reveals that you don’t want to know so I highly recommend that you turn off the video now but with that out the way, I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this, I hope that you enjoy it, now sit back, relax and lets get into my breakdown of Kevin Feiges AMA.

Kevin Feige AMA

The first big question came from Rhode To Love who asked

How much will the Disney+ shows weave into the films?

Which is obviously a big point of contention at the moment with Loki surviving Endgame and going off somewhere by himself.

Feige replied to this saying ‘Totally and Completely’ which means that we can take that Loki will be going forward doing his own thing that will eventually tie back into the overall lore of the series. In addition to this, Scarlett Witch and Visions show WandaVision will likely pick up on their relationship, though rumour has it that it’s set between the period of Civil War and Endgame. He also stated that the one-shots will be making a transition to this service which I’m sure we can’t wait to see.

Stan Lee

Now onto a sad question that Feige answered with him stating that Stan Lee did not get to see a final cut of Endgame. This is a huge bummer but the Comic Icon did get to at least find out what happened in the story with Feige stating:

Stan loved to wait to see the final movie at the premiere, so, unfortunately, he did not get to see the finished movie. Stan got a download of the full story the day he came and shot his cameo.

So at least he did get to find out what happened to his beloved creations. It just sucks he never got to see it on the big screen.

Kevin Feige Cameo

When asked if he would ever cameo in the Marvel movies Feige said:

I don’t like being on camera, but I did a cameo in a deleted scene in the first X-Men as a Weapon X technician. I was completely covered in a hood, mask, and goggles.

So it doesn’t look like we will be seeing him take over the Stan Lee role of making a notable cameo in each movie which too is a bit of a shame.

Whilst it was an Ask Me Anything, Feige as always didn’t play his hand too much and did state that he knows if Cap was always the Father of Peggy’s kids even in Winter Soldier, however, he’s not telling.

To me at least, I think that Cap is which is why Peggy looks so shocked during her fade out and states ‘you look so young,’ having seen him through the years this would be a surprise for her so I’d like to take from this that the two were always together.

Marvel Boss Kevin Feige Does His First AMA That Answers A LOT of Questions About The MCU

The Second Snap

In regards to the second snap, dwallace3099 asked

People have expressed views that, in Endgame, those brought back by the snap could have died in accidents (like someone being brought back 100 ft in the air where a plane used to be). Is it possible that Hulk, when doing the snap, not only brought everyone back but also brought them back in a safe place?

To which Feige replied

We refer to the version of Hulk in Endgame as Smart Hulk. So, yes.

The Future Of The MCU

In regards to plans for the future, Feige stated that they always plan five years ahead but that it often extends much much further, it just isn’t laid in stone. This is backed up by another answer in the thread in which he states that they knew about adapting the Infinity Gauntlet way back in 2012 whilst making the Avengers which is why Thanos cameos at the end of the movie.

Other Notable points are that Feige loved Into The Spiderverse and out of all the actors in the MCU, he had to fight the hardest to have Robert Downey Junior cast as Iron-man.

He also said that in Age Of Ultron, Captain America was worthy, he just didn’t want to make Thor feel bad and that if he could go back and change everything it would be the dying of that character’s eyebrows in their solo movie.

Your Thoughts

And those are the main points from the interview. Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on what the creator said and what your favourite thing was.

If you enjoyed this video then please like it and make sure you check out my full breakdown of the top five fan theories for Spider-man: Far From Home which will be linked at the end.

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