Marvel Studios Are Looking To Bring Daredevil a...

Marvel Studios Are Looking To Bring Daredevil and Kingpin Into The MCU Movies Through Spider-Man 3

daredevil and kingpin in the mcu spider man 3 news announcement vincent d onofrio and charlie cox return hulu

After the Netflix Marvel shows were sadly canceled across the board earlier this year, we have new reports that Disney and Marvel Studios are looking to resurrect the properties and bring them into the MCU.

This report is slowly moving across the internet and according to reports, Marvel is very interested in bringing in Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin as well as Charlie Cox’ Daredevil who is rumored to appear as Peter Parker’s lawyer in the upcoming film: Spider-Man 3. This makes a lot of sense and the webhead will definitely need a public defender that’s on his side. It will also give someone for She-Hulk to go-to advice for down the line and these two lawyers could add another dimension to the MCU.

After the popularity of Daredevil on Netflix, this isn’t really surprising and whilst I do think that the property definitely did diminish over time slightly, these two completely knocked it out of the park with their portrayals so it makes sense to bring them into the fold. There are rumors that the shows will be resurrected on Hulu which Disney now owns and their return could definitely be set up in The Marvel films before being fleshed out on smaller screens.

We know that this is definitely happening on Disney + with the MCU characters so it makes sense for the more adult incarnations to take place on Hulu.

daredevil and kingpin in the mcu spider man 3 news announcement vincent d onofrio and charlie cox return hulu

Daredevil In The MCU

Vincent D’onofrio was of course very vocal about the show’s cancellation on Twitter and I think the majority of fans were very disappointed by the fact that we wouldn’t really get closure to the epic season 3 finale. D’onofrio’s Kingpin is arguably up there with Thanos as the universe’s strongest villain and it would be awesome to see his incarnation continue to dominate New York.

Many fans will instantly be on board with a return to form for the seasons and to have them feature in the cinematic universe as a reintroduction definitely will work for a number of big reasons.

It just makes sense from a business perspective to flesh out the universe even further with the Netflix universe but to correctly tie them in beyond lip service this time.

Your Thoughts

Now when this officially gets announced we will, of course, keep you up to date with it but in the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the news and if this has got you excited for what the future holds. Comment below and let me know!

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