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Marvel’s The Eternals To Explain The Origins Of The Celestial Head Knowhere & The Beginning Of The MCU

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It looks like we may get some answers to The MCU’s biggest questions with the release of The Eternals next November.

The Marvel Studios movie is reportedly set to take place 35,000 years before the events Captain America The First Avenger and the film will be setting up many of the big events that will happen in the MCU.

Whilst there are rumors that a young version of Thanos will pop up in the film as he himself is an Eternal, the movie could also potentially chronicle how the Celestial Head Knowhere that appears in Guardians Of The Galaxy and Infinity War came to be.

Throughout this article, I’ll be going over my theories on which Celestial the Head is and how it could come to be in those films.

Now spoilers ahead if I’m right about all this but those who paid close attention to the Disney D23 event last month may have seen the concept art for the Eternals movie that was shown at the Expo and after trying to identify the Celestial it looks to line up a lot with the Celestial head Knowhere.

marvels the eternals explained celestial breakdown d23 concept art shows madonna becomes knowhere fan theory spider-man sony disney deal

The Celestial That Became Knowhere

Looking at them side by side I think it’s pretty safe to say that these are the same character and The Eternals could potentially show the creatures death either at the hands of The Eternals or some other force. We have seen from clips in Guardians Of The Galaxy that The Celestials were some pretty big forces in the galaxy that all died out long ago. In my opinion, the Eternals will probably showcase their downfall and could even put them as some of the enemies that the characters have to go head to head with.

The Celestial itself actually looks exetremly similar to the character Madonna which is one of the most notable ones beings amongst the species.

This character is an Earth 616 native and originally appeared in 114 AD whilst destroying the great Chinese Kingdom that was the palace of Zhang Heng.

The Celestial Madonna Explained

Now what’s most interesting about Madonna is that during this she not only revealed that Earth was housing a Celestial Egg but also that she was carrying a child. Childbearing is actually forbidden amongst the Celestials and the birth could kill her if she decided to go through with it.

Madonna did eventually settle on giving birth to the child and she did this on the Sun as either giving birth to it on Earth or The Moon would cause disasterous gravitational effects for the planet. Madonna did die during the birth and after being bathed in the suns energy she was destroyed which could line up with how her head eventually drifted throughout space and came to settle as the space market that eventually became Knowhere.

Another interesting aspect of the concept of art is that we can see the creature looking over what seems to be Earth and Moon, so yeah, makes a lot of sense. The film could definitely have this as a plot motif and Chloe-Zhao, director of The Eternals, has stated that the movie will span thousands of years so this could line up with the ancient Chinese storyline.

I definitely think that the concept art lines up heavily with the head and though the film might not stick to the source material and the birthing storyline, it is possible that the Eternals may witness the death of Madonna at some point in the film and allow it to settle in space where the location eventually becomes established.

The Eternals: The Celestials Explained

Now, this is purely a fan theory but I do think that The Celestials will play a huge part in The Eternals movie and one could assume that marvel has been slowly setting these characters up throughout the films by giving us glimpses at them. We all know the MCU is incredible at putting the pieces in place early on to pay off in later movies and with the Celestials taking up such a huge part in the marketing and concept art of the film I definitely think we will see somewhat of the rise and fall of the creatures and it makes sense to at least showcase the one that makes it to modern day…even if it’s just the head.

The Celestials are a fascinating race of creatures that tie very closely to the origin of The Infinity Stones so I’m glad that Marvel is using these to flesh out the universes most interesting Macguffins as this will add a lot of backstory to why Thanos was so eager to collect all of them as part of his plan.


Arishem was also spotted amongst the concept art at D23 and for those who don’t know, Arishem is actually the leader of the Celestials so it’s possible that he could play a big part in the movie. Arishem killed a lot of the Deviant race of The Eternals, which Thanos is a member of and this is why he has purple skin and he is also responsible for the flood that appeared during Noah’s arc.

Arishem invaded Earth and it could be during this that Madonna comes with him and then flees to the Sun to give birth after discovering that she is pregnant.


There’s definitely a lot of ways that the film could go but I can perhaps see The Eternals having to defend Earth from the Celestials and Madonna fleeing in the process whilst Arishem goes head to head with the heroes.

Either way I think we are in for a real treat with the film when it releases next year and I can’t wait to see if my theory on this whole thing is correct.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on this theory and if you agree with me or not.

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