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MCU Movie Details That Were Changed In Other Countries | Caps Notepad, Iron-Man 3 Added Scenes & More

marvel mcu movie changes for different countries and international markets iron man 3 china scenes captain america note pad

Whilst it seems like Marvel movies are aimed solely at a western demographic with heroes like Captain America taking center stage throughout the MCU, there’s actually a lot that Disney do to make their movies marketable to the rest of the world.

Throughout this, I’ll be breaking down all of the changes that Disney made in the international releases to make sure that each country that the films were shown in had their own versions of scenes that catered to their interests.

This has been ongoing for years and these minute details are awesome little additions for fans of film trivia who wanna know why the films have such worldwide appeal.

So with that out the way, thank you for clicking this video, now let’s get into my breakdown of all the MCU details that were changed to appeal to other countries.

Iron Man 3

First up is Iron Man 3 which upon its release in China got a massive four minutes of added footage that pretty much contained a lot of product placement as well as two of the country’s biggest superstars.

The new scenes are dotted throughout the movie and one revolves around Iron Man’s operation at the end of the movie in which he has the arc reactor taken out of his chest and it features Bingbing Fan who is seen briefly in the standard versions as well as Xueqi Wang who plays Dr. Wu.

The movie actually opens with the words flashing on the screen: “What does Iron Man rely on to revitalize his energy?” before the message “Gu Li Duo,” pops up which is a popular brand of Milk in China. Wu then appears on screen drinking the milk.

Chinese electronics manufacturers are seen throughout the film and there’s also a scene in which Happy Hogan cheers on Chinese Schoolchildren alongside Iron-Man.

This is a pretty big advert to show some of the major products in the film and I’m kinda glad that the movie didn’t turn into a big milk advert for other audiences.

iron man 3 chinese scenes

Whilst I’m on the subject, did you know that Gu Li Duo is the astounding product that I use to revitalise energy when making vid…look I’ll stop now.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Name

Guardians Of The Galaxy seems like a pretty straight forward name for a team that’s made up of a talking raccoon and living tree and I guess the Taiwan Branch of Disney thought that it didn’t really sum up the group as best as it could. So ever since it’s release, in the country, the Guardians have instead been known as something that roughly translates to Interplanetary Unusual Attacking Team.

I guess this kinda makes more sense? As they are interplanetary, they are a bit unusual and they are an….attacking team? Yeah I really don’t know but hey guess the name stuck cos the film went on to be a huge success over there.

Doctor Strange White Washing

Another big change for Eastern Audiences came with Doctor Strange and the whitewashing of the Sorcerer Supreme made a lot of headlines at the time with the original Tibetan Monk being recast as Tilda Swinton. This was carried out by Disney because they didn’t want to offend China who doesn’t actually recognise Tibet as an independent country.

marvel mcu movie changes for different countries and international markets iron man 3 china scenes captain america note pad

Captain America The Winter Soldier

And finally, we go to Captain America The Winter Soldier. In the scene in which Sam tells Cap about missing out on the Marvin Gaye troubled man album, Cap notes it down in his list of things to catch up on and depending on what country you saw the film in massively changed the list that there way.

The US got things like Steve Jobs, The Berlin Wall whereas France got their 98 world cup win, Daft Punk, The Fifth Element, and Louis De Fines.

The U.K. got The World Cup Final from 1966….yeah I know it was pretty long ago yeah but we’ll never forget, it’s like the last good thing that we’ve done yeah so stick it in the book.

On second thoughts I don’t know why Captain America would care about that or France 98 but Marvel need to make those sweet pounds and Euros somehow, Disneyland Paris won’t pay for itself.

Your Thoughts

And that’s our entire list, are there any other changes that you’ve heard of that should have made it and do you agree that Gu Li Duo is the best milk on the planet.

Comment below and let me know!

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