MEN IN BLACK: INTERNATIONAL – Official Trailer Review

men in black international full trailer reaction and review breakdown of the easter eggs and plot reveals of the film

So, the new Men In Black Trailer has just dropped and it pretty much seems as if the series is pressing the big reboot button. Men In Black in my eyes is a classic and pretty much the perfect film from start to finish. It perfectly balances tone, dancing between Comedy and Action with an expertise that few films can quite handle.

The sequels, however, massively disappointed me and I felt really let down by the second and third film which seemed to go off the rails slightly.

I’m happy to see that this new trailer seems to have perfectly recaptured the vibe of the original film to great success. Tessa Thompson seems to be a great fit for the role in replacing Jay as the down to Earth Character that is taken interstellar, plot wise, as they learn about extraterrestrials that exist on Earth. Chris Hemsworth seems to just be having fun with the role which is exactly what one would expect from the actor.

It’s clear that Sony wants to make this as close to the MCU as possible with Hemsworth pretty much doing his Thor accent throughout but hey, if it’s even half as good as Thor: Ragnarok was then we are in for a treat. It’s great to see the aliens popping up once more and Liam Neeson makes for a fitting replacement to Rip Torn as the MIB leader so I’m very excited to see what this delivers.

To me the movie seems like a brilliant rejuvenation of the franchise and I can’t wait to see it in cinemas come 2019.

Your Thoughts

So, what are your thoughts on the new Men In Black: International Trailer? Do you agree with my comment that the casting is perfect and what do you hope to see in the film?

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