Mission Impossible: Fallout: Plot Breakdown + E...

Mission Impossible: Fallout: Plot Breakdown + Ending Explained

mission impossible fallout ending explained

Mission: Impossible – Fallout sees Tom Cruise return as IMF Agent, Ethan Hunt. Filled with nail-biting action scenes, breakneck twists and turns and one of the best single shot scenes ever put to film, Fallout stands as the best action movie of the year. There is a lot to unpack from the film and some of the reveals may leave some viewers scratching their head by the final scenes.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it is to read this article in which I will cover the film’s plot and ending in full detail to make sure that you haven’t missed anything. There will be heavy spoilers and Fallout is definitely worth your time so I highly recommend that you come back to this video if you’re yet to see the film. You have been warned

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and I ruin the movie so you don’t have to!

Plot Synopsis

After the capture of Solomon Lane at the end of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, the Syndicate has dissolved. Still loyal to Lane a shadowy organisation made up of his followers, code-named The Apostles, has risen to terrorise the world once more. They believe that a Great Suffering will cause the world to seek peace and manage to attain three nuclear bombs during an arms deal gone wrong in which Hunt was present at.

Due to this failing the CIA put their best man Agent Walker, played by Henry Cavill, on the task to aid Hunt in recapturing the bombs. With Walker, Hunt travels to Paris to impersonate the leader of The Apostles, John Laark and meet with a broker named The White Widow. When Laark is killed, Hunt must impersonate him without a mask and meets the White Widow who is revealed to be Max’s daughter from the first Mission: Impossible film.


The Widow informs Hunt that in order to get the Nuclear weapons back he must capture Solomon Lane and turn him over at an arms exchange. This worries Walker who tells his boss that he believes Hunt is in fact Laark and using the double bluff as a cover in order to carry out the mission.

Hunt captures Lane and manages to bring him to London much to the dismay of Isla Faust, played by Rebecca Ferguson. Faust has been disavowed by MI6 but knows that should she kill Lane that she would be able to return home. In London, Walker is tricked into revealing that he is in fact Laark by a trap set up by Ethan. However, upon attempting to bring Laark in, other Apostles that have infiltrated the CIA kill Director Huntley and Laark manages to escape by threatening to murder Hunt’s now ex wife.

Hunt and the gang have a backup plan though and have placed a tracking device in Lane which they manage to follow to a remote village where Hunt discovers his ex-wife is working as a relief worker. Lane activates the Nukes and Hunt races across the sky to obtain the detonator whilst the ground troops disable the bombs. It’s a fantastic finale that sees Henry Cavill end up looking like Crossbones and has one of the best action scenes in the series thus far.

Mission impossible ending explained and plot breakdown

Lane once again is captured and in the final scenes, we see that he is handed over to The White Widow. This is because The White Widow was a wanted woman but handing over the world’s number one terrorist will absolve her of the past dealings of her family. Earlier in the film, she tried to arrange a deal in which she could return Faust to the MI6 as a prisoner along with Lane but this cuts a corner and allows Faust to carry on free once more.

With Laark’s confession already captured on camera earlier in the film, The IMF has little to worry about in terms of going Rogue and Hunt’s ex-wife admits that it was selfish to carry on their marriage when Ethan is one of the most capable agents when it comes to stopping the Apocalypse. The film ends on a high note and I cannot wait to see how Lane plays into future sequels and what the next mission for the IMF will be.

Ranking The Mission: Impossible Movies

In order to get up to speed with Fallout I went back and watched the Mission: Impossible Films from the original Brian Depalma espionage thriller all the way up to the stunt-heavy modern takes. Ranking the series from worst to best for me they currently stand with:

6. Mission: Impossible 2

5. Mission: Impossible

4. Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

3. Mission: Impossible 3

2. Mission: Impossible Fallout

1. Mission: Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol

Your Thoughts

So what did you think of Mission:Impossible – Fallout? How would you rank the franchise and do you think this film was worth Henry Cavill’s horribly CGI’d face in Justice League? Comment below and let me know and if you enjoyed this video please like it and subscribe to my channel.

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