Open House: Who Was The Killer? | Ending Explained

Open House: Who Was The Killer? | Ending Explained

Open House Ending Explained Who Is The Killer At The End Murderer Identity Revealed

Open House: Ending Explained By Deffinition

Ignoring the fact that The Open House was one of the worst Horror Movies I’ve ever seen, it’s abysmal ending has a lot of people talking. Perhaps due to the fact that it does a worse job of spelling things out than Gareth Gates, there are a lot of theories surrounding the new Netflix Original film.

In this spoiler-heavy video, I will be looking at the four most likely theories that surround our Unlucky Logan. Trying to unmask the killer in a Who Done It mystery that never does any unmasking itself. So with that out the way let’s dive into Open House: Who Was The Killer?

Open House Murderer

4. The Real Estate Agents (especially the Assistant)

Bar the fact that the Real Estate Agents of the movie are somehow able to move around the house completely silent until they JUMP OUT RIGHT IN YOUR FACE. There is a high possibility that the killer could have been the Real Estate Agent’s Assistant and/or her.

First off we all know that Estate Agents are completely ruthless. Tcutthroathroat monsters will slit their own Grandmother’s throat on her birthday just to get an extra half percent in comission, making the character the perfect type of person to carry out such a brutal brutal murder.

Secondly, they know the house, have access to it and the male is young and athletic.

Either could have been living in the house before the arrival of Logan and Naomi since they themselves know that the property is vacant. With their home up for grabs because of the two characters arriving there, they want to ensure that no one will ever dare go back there again and killing the occupants ensures that.

It also explains why the Killer is seen driving towards another Open House at the end. They are merely doing their job.

Who Was The Killer At The End Of The Open House By Netflix

3. The Invisible Man

Hear me out first. Throughout the film, we hear of Martha’s Husband. Whilst he never is fully realised in the movie, it is possible that he is, in fact, The Killer. Therefore all the talk of him isn’t completely pointless. Much like this movie.

One of the biggest clues is the fact that Martha states that her husband is dead the first time she meets Naomi. Later she corrects this by saying that he is in fact very alive and strong. Could this be referring to the fact that the man she knew is dead but there is someone in his place? You know, like the same way Obi Wan did with Darth Vader when he was talking to Luke.

No wonder Darth was so angry, his ex best mate was telling his son he was dead. I’d be blowing up planets too!

The-Open-House-Paul-Rae Plumber

2. The Plumber

We all know that Plumbers get a bad rep in the movies. Whether it’s Super Mario or the very creepy one in Open House, if you are laying pipe you ain’t gonna be nice. The Plumber is the favorite suspect right now, as he claims to have been in the house often before. In addition to this he knows how to deal with the heater and finally he was in possession of the phone that Logan lost (although he said he just found it around the heater). Also the size of the killer fits with The Plumber’s. I guess.

Look this movie doesn’t clear up anything.

Open House Ending Explained Who Is The Killer Fan Theories

1. Logan Himself

Whilst this is definitely the dumbest theory. Think for a second how pointless this movie is.

Does it not make a tonne of sense that the killer is also the protagonist?

Not really but hear me out.

The last of the suspects is Logan. It might be likely that after seeing his father dying, Logan developed a trauma that has left him with some mental disorder. A disorder of this nature would explain the strange things he sees, why things change places and finally why the killer (himself) took off his contact lenses so easily. Killing his mother and himself, he was avenging the death of his father, because in his twisted mind they both were guilty of what happened.

Your Fan Theories

Look, It’s a bit difficult to explain the ending of a film that doesn’t really have an ending. But hey, at least you didn’t waste 90 minutes watching the movie again. This was only like….6 ish minutes. Look it’s not my fault this movie is terrible, I tried my job, please show your appreciation for the fact I sat through this three times by hitting that like button and if you’re feeling extra generous press subscribe.

I do videos like this all the time including my recent Shining Fan Theory Analysis and explanation of The Identity of Player X in Molly’s Game and there is definitely going to be something on my channel that you love.

Thanks again for checking out the video. Take care. GOOD NIGHT!

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