Overlord: Ending Explained And Real Nazi Inspir...

Overlord: Ending Explained And Real Nazi Inspiration (2018 Movie)

Overlord Ending Explained 2018 Movie spoiler talk review

Overlord is upon us. Originally rumoured to be a Cloverfield Connected film, the movie recently departed from this aesthetic to stand strong as it’s own entity. There is a lot to unpack from Overlord, including an incredible opener and final battle and throughout the video I will be breaking down the things you need to know about the movie’s plot and ending.

There will be heavy spoilers and there’s a lot about this film that you should see in cinemas. You have been warned.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and I ruin it so you don’t have to.

Overlord Plot Breakdown

Ok so the first question that you may have when clicking this video is ‘Are there any connections to the Cloverfield Universe at all?‘ Unfortunately not and it’s difficult to even imagine how the plot of this film would have tied into the Anthology series.

There is, however, an abundance of gore, supernatural elements and some absolutely incredible moments that more than make up for what could have likely been just a quick cash grab like The Cloverfield Paradox.

Overlord Movie 2018 ending explained review

Plot Synopsis

The film begins on D-Day and we join paratroopers Ford, Boyce and their squadron as they begin the counter-invasion. The group has been tasked with destroying an enemy radio tower, located on top of a Church.

After their plane is shot down they must make their way on foot which is when they run into Chloe, a French National. Chloe leads them to the village which overlooks the Church and the group realise that it has been fortified into a Nazi laboratory. Chloe lives with her aunt who looks and sounds like Darth Vader with the mask off and her younger brother Paul.

A Nazi Officer named Wafner visits the house and attempts to rape Chloe which is stopped by Boyce and Ford. They tie him and Boyce goes to investigate the Church.

Upon arrival, he realises that area is pulled straight out of your worst Wolfenstein nightmares and is packed with body bags, severed heads and corpses. In the lab, Boyce discovers a serum and notices a Doctor carrying out experiments on the dead. Boyce manages to rescue a member of his company who has been experimented on and the two escape the facility with the serum in hand.

Back at the house they question Wafner who manages to wrangle free and kills one of the squadron members. Boyce uses the serum on this seemingly dead soldier which reanimates him as he mutates he begins attempting to murder the group. They fight back and it’s the usual, bullets don’t hurt him only destroying the brain does.

Wafner explain that the serum is capable of bringing the dead back to life and we get the famous ‘a 1000 year Reich requires 1000 year soldiers’ line. It’s a great line that really hints to the methods of the Nazi’s and their real life goals which is something that I will get into later in this video. Wafner flees the group, takes Paul hostage and gets half his face blown off in the escape.

Overlord Ending Explained 2018 Movie spoiler talk review

Overlord Ending Explained

By this point the audience and characters are hit with the realisation that the radio tower is still operational and the deadline for its destruction is slowly drawing nearer. Boyce convinces Ford that they must destroy it and rescue Paul. With Chloe they set off on their mission to the underground where they plant the bombs and set up the tower for demolition. Chloe rescues Paul but Ford is attacked by a mutated Wafner who is now near invincible. Wafner has injected himself with the serum in order to heal his wounds, though this has lead him to believe that he is now a god.

Unable to beat him, Ford injects himself with serum as well and the two battle it out. Ford with the help of Boyce manages to set off an explosion that throws Wafner down the mine where the serum was discovered before telling Boyce to leave him. This is because the serum is too deadly to be in either hands of the Allies or Nazis and it’s safer being buried in the rubble. Wafner confirms this by crawling out the pit as more of the dead begin to reanimate around him. Boyce escapes, setting off the bombs and destroying the tower and dig site.

In a hearing at the end of the movie, Boyce lies and says that Ford planted the bombs inside instead of out in order to ensure the radio towers destruction and didn’t make it out. Boyce doesn’t mention anything about the serum in order to keep the secret safe. Roosevelt who is the soldier that was experimented on earlier in the movie remarks that he’s in really good shape for what he has been through. Personally, I took this as the serum now being out into the world. Roosevelt was connected to the serum and therefore exposed to it. Though Boyce and Ford believe they buried it in the rubble, they linger on this moment too long for me to believe that it isn’t a hint at what may come now that the serum is in the hands of a US soldier.

Overlord Spoiler Talk Review

Overlord Nazi Influences

What I absolutely loved about Overlord is that it’s not too detached from the real-life Nazi’s overall goal. The political party were heavily into the occult and Hitler was renowned for sending out soldiers to investigate Myths and Legends in order to discern if there was any truth to them. The Aryan Superman, which is what Hitler believed to be the superior race, was famously something that he strived for in his hideous racial cleansing agenda.

The Doctor carrying out the experiments has ties to the real world Holocaust Overseer, Doctor Josef Mengele. This concerntration camp doctor used to experiment heavily on children and people under his care to see if there were any ways to improve man kind. Some of these included amputating patients limbs without anasethic and giving them a blood coagulation pill in order to stop the bleeding to help with wounds in combat. Whilst other ghastly experiments revolved around injecting one Twin with a fatal disease and then murdering the other and comparing the differences.

It was a really horrendous time period that I think has been well fictionalised here. There is a lot more going on beneath the surface of Overlord and I highly recommend that you look deeper into Nazi history if this has piqued your interest.

Personally, I really enjoyed the film and think that it definitely deserves all of the high praise that it is getting. It’s well shot, choreographed and doesn’t overstay it’s welcome. Making for a fun ride from start to finish.

Your Thoughts

So, what are your thoughts on Overlord? Did you enjoy the film and do you wish that they had tied it into the Cloverfield Universe?

Comment below and let me know!

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