Patient Zero: Ending Explained Review

Patient Zero: Ending Explained Review

Patient Zero Ending Explained review

Patient Zero is an action horror film set against the outbreak of a deadly virus that threatens to wipe out the human race. We follow a group of survivors as they desperately try to find a cure for the disease and watch as they are slowly torn apart by the new highly intelligent and ravenous creatures.

Throughout this article, I will be discussing the plot of Patient Zero as well as the film’s ending. There will be heavy spoilers so it may be worth skipping this article for now if you want to go into the film with fresh eyes.

Patient Zero Plot Synopsis

The virus Rabies has mutated and is even deadlier than before. Highly contagious and now able to turn the infected rabid within 90 seconds, it seems that there is very little hope for humanity.

We follow Morgan, played by Matt Smith, his wife Janet and a Dr. named Gina Rose as they struggle to find a cure for the virus before it becomes too late. Morgan seems to be immune to the disease as he survived an attack which should have left him rabid. Instead, he now possesses the ability to communicate with the infected and holds the key to curing their affliction.

With Morgan’s new communication ability, the survivors interrogate an infected man known as Patient Zero. He is classified as this because he can speak and is unaffected by the music that has driven the other infected into a rage. He tells Morgan that the infected are evolved humans, a more advanced species that will wipe the lesser one out. He reveals that he came to the underground base on purpose and we discover that he is using a frequency detector so that the other infected can track him.

Patient Zero Ending Explained review

They begin to storm the base and a battle ensues between the survivors and the infected in which several characters die. Earlier in the film we learned that Dr. Rose had become pregnant after having sex with Morgan and this becomes the main thrust of the ending.

Aware that Morgan holds the cure in his blood, Patient Zero organised the attack as a way to kill him because he is a threat to the survival of The Infected. Morgan manages to kill Patient Zero, however, during the fight between the two he calls out for other infected. They rush to his aid and this puts the few remaining survivors in more danger. Morgan’s wife senses that Dr. Rose is pregnant and sacrifices herself in order to save her and the baby.

Morgan and Dr. Rose manage to flee the base and escape into the night with Morgan making the silent promise that he will do whatever he can to protect the baby and make sure that the human race survives.

It’s highlighted throughout that Morgan’s blood is the cure for the disease and therefore the baby will inherit his immunity. Some may see this is setting up for a sequel but I don’t believe that it needs it.

Whilst we don’t get a definitive ending for their fate, I personally took it as confirmation that the humans will eventually end the disease. Due to Dr. Rose’s closeness to the child, she will be able to properly study it as it grows and manufacture a cure. This will wipe out the plague or restore the infected back to sanity.

Your Thoughts

So, what did you think of Patient Zero? Do you think that humanity will survive and what was your favourite part of the film? DO NOT SAY THE ENDING!

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