Planet Hulk Prelude Review

Planet Hulk Prelude Review

Planet Hulk Prelude Review By Deffinition as part of my Marvel Graphic Novel Comic Book Read Through

Planet Hulk Prelude Review By Deffinition as part of my Marvel Graphic Novel Comic Book Read Through

Planet Hulk Prelude Review By Deffinition

Thor: Ragnarok burst onto our screens last year showcasing a re-envisioned Gladiator Hulk. Fans of the MCU lapped this up and the aesthetic definitely cemented the film as one of Marvel’s best. It was bold, brash and placed everyone’s favourite Green Monster as one of the most likable comic book characters ever created.

But where did it all begin? Starting off my new review series with a smash I dive into the Planet Hulk saga. With The Prelude graphic novel I will see whether the storyline deserves its critical acclaim. Will this be incredibl…I’ll stop with the puns before we get too deep into this.

I have feeling this is going to be good.

Let’s dive into Planet Hulk Prelude.

Friendly Green Giant

Isolated from society, wandering the wilderness and living off the land, Hulk finally seems at peace. This, of course, can’t last and after stopping a rape SHIELD become aware once more of his location. Drafted back into their war once more the opening chapter really feels like the last chance that Hulk could have at peace and watching Bruce have his humanity stripped away in more ways than one we become fully invested in the character.

SHIELD send hulk off into space

In Space, no one can see you’re Green

Launched into space in order to attack a station named the Godseye that is on the verge of going Nuclear, the book falls back into the more fantastical elements of the character. Losing a lot of the humanity that was enveloped in the first issue it’s a shame to see the more interesting narrative dropped in favour of supernatural one, however, there is enough engaging elements here that most wont be put off.

SHIELD duplicitous to their very core change up a lot of the plan mid mission and most of the elements that they put forward in order to get Hulk to work for them once more turn out to be untrue. This is inspired. The book doesn’t have a straight forward antagonist so it’s good to see that a lot of the drama from its pages come from within the protagonists themselves. Whilst I had minor problems with the book at this point the pros still heavily outweighed the cons and I was unable to put it down as we went into the final chapter.

‘You’re not human’

The climax revolves around Hulk destroying the Godseye. It boils down to a very standard punch out but the short length of the story means that it doesn’t hang around long enough to be mundane. Upon making his return journey to Earth. Hulk is blasted off into space, betrayed by those he trusted most.

It’s a gripping cliffhanger that really makes you interested in what is to come and as a prelude the book does an outstanding job of showcasing why Hulk is one of Marvel’s best.

Hulk Vs Godseye in planet hulk

The Verdict

Planet Hulk Prelude excels in its job of getting readers interested in the Hulk. It has something for everyone. Exceeding in a lot of areas it does a good job of setting up what is to come and is a must read for those looking to get into the Planet Hulk storyline.

Whilst a lot of sections feel underdeveloped, the plot still hits upon many of the key points that are necessary in order to get us on Bruce Banner’s side.

I really recommend this book as a brilliant starting point for those wanting to get into either Marvel comics or The Big Green Giant. You won’t be disappointed.


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