Polar: Netflix Movie Review | NO SPOILERS

Polar: Netflix Movie Review | NO SPOILERS

Polar Netflix Movie Review by Deffinition

With the release of Polar on Netflix right around the corner, I thought I’d check the movie out to let you know whether it’s worth staying in this weekend to check it out.

Firstly, if you’re not into hyper-violent, over the top, often crass action movies then Polar is not for you. From pretty much beginning to end this feels like a cross between Smokin’ Aces and a Softcore Porn movie with a slightly better script.

How much you enjoy this film will deeply depend on your preferences and love of all things pop culture. There are clear winks to John Wick, Metal Gear Solid and a vast variety of comic books that will either make you love or hate the movie.

Polar: Plot Synopsis

In the film we follow the Hitman: The Black Kaiser who has recently been forced into retirement. In order to avoid paying him his pension, the assassin unit that hired him have put a hit out on his head and the film revolves around him taking them down, with a few little neat twists and turns thrown in there for good measure.

Mads Mikkelson does a fantastic job in what is arguably his most gravelly performance ever and the actor does a great job of keeping things grounded whilst the action around him goes into the extreme.

Polar Netflix Movie Review by Deffinition

Unfortunately, not everybody delivers this level of quality, with Matt Lucas being terribly miscast to the point you feel like he thinks he’s on an episode of Little Britain again.

The other Hitman aren’t anywhere as interesting as they should be and there are quite a few moments that fall flat because of it.

Tonally, Polar doesn’t seem to know whether it wants to be a sincere story or to just ham it up a lot of this time and this leads to it feeling slightly unbalanced. However, to it’s credit, the action is phenomenal and once you’ve settled into the aesthetic of the film, I’m sure that you will have a lot of fun with it.

The Verdict

Polar is a tough one to really recommend to people as it definitely isn’t for everyone but personally I had a lot of fun with it and this hyperviolent crime drama reminded me of films like Robocop in a good way.

Whilst it may not be worth canceling your Friday┬ánight for, Polar still is a lot of fun and that’s why it gets a…


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