Ready Or Not: Ending Explained Breakdown + Le D...

Ready Or Not: Ending Explained Breakdown + Le Domas History, Le Bail Identity & The Rules Of The Game

ready or not 2019 movie review ending explained spoiler talk breakdown

It’s time to break down the killer game of Hide and Seek with the release of Ready Or Not rolling out across the US.

Throughout this video, I’ll be discussing everything that you need to know about the film’s ending, the history of the mysterious characters in it as well as the rules of the game.

This is heavy spoilers ahead so if you haven’t had a chance to watch the movie yet and don’t want to know what happens then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

With that out the way I just wanna give a huge thank you for clicking this now ready or not let’s get into my breakdown of ready or…yeah that jokes one the worst ive ever done.

Ready Or Not Plot Recap

Ready or Not follows Grace, a bride who seemingly has it made after marrying into the extremely wealthy family known as Le Domas. Grace is of course over the moon and she and her new husband look like they have got it made and are set for life. However, on the night of the Wedding, Grace discovers that in order to join the family fully, she must participate in a deadly game of hide and seek things soon turn violent.

Rules Of The Game

The rules are simple: as part of the family’s tradition, Grace must survive until dawn to become part of their collective. We discover that this is a long-running ritual that was established by their great grandfather Victor Le Domas and it involves placing a blank card into a special box that will then announce what game has to be played by the family’s newest member.

The box isn’t always evil and the majority of the time it will imprint something slightly less sinister such as snakes and ladders or kerplunk…that was a good un, wasn’t it. Mousetrap as well, that would’ve been a good movie, anyway with Grace it chose Hide and Seek and after getting a head start this becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse with the Family trying to track her down and return her to the family room where they will carry out a human sacrifice of her.

It’s prophecised that if the family fail to get Grace then they will die in horrendous deaths which happens throughout the film in some really over the top manners.

According to the rules, Alex, Grace’s husband is not allowed to help out in any form though this rule is broken by the end of the game, which ill get into later.

ready or not 2019 movie review ending explained spoiler talk breakdown

The Domas History

As for the family themselves, their rise began in the 19th century and their great grandfather Victor received the magic block that we see used from a game from a mysterious figure known as Mr. Le Bail. Victor not only beat Le Bail in a game of chance to gain the box but he was also given the insight as to how to earn a vast fortune from board games and so on

The Domas are a very superstitious lot and they believe that if they do not participate in the games then their fortunes will disappear which has forced them to carry out several murders in the past. Mr. Le Bail, the mysterious figure that is so tightly tied to the family apparently will appear in the family room during the final ritual and it’s strongly suggested that this specter may be a demon or even the devil himself.

Ready Or Not Ending Explained

Throughout the movie, the family hunt Grace throughout their expansive mansion and eventually capture her and return her to the family room to carry out the ritual. The family, scared that they will all perish if they don’t sacrifice her to Mr. Le Bail begin to enact it, however, one of the members Daniel frees her before he is then killed by his own wife.

Becky, the mother of Alex tries to kill Grace and Alex watches on with a choice, he can either save his wife and kill his mother or make sure the ritual is completed and that his family is saved. He seemingly chooses the latter, however during the part in which he has to stab her through the heart he instead goes for her shoulder, ruining the ritual which causes the curse to come to fruition and each one of them dies, spraying blood and guts everywhere. We see a brief glimpse of Mr. Le Bail who clearly has come to collect on the family and it looks like that superstition wasn’t so silly after all.

Ready or not explained

Alex himself doesn’t even get to survive and hilariously he too explodes right after Grace says she wants a divorce which leaves her as the only survivor.

In the end, the police arrive at the mansion to find it on fire and Grace completely covered in blood. Though she will definitely have to explain all of the circumstances, there is a possibility that she will be able to prove that they hunted her throughout the night and that she, due to her recent marriage will inherit the entire fortune of the family making this end on a slightly happier ending than what could’ve happened.

Ready Or Not Spoiler Review

In the end, Ready Or Not is an awesome fun-filled black comedy that shows just how much diversity that horror movies have. Couple this with the recent alligator movie Crawl and you have some awesome, under the radar horror films that show 2019 still has some surprises left.

The movie is a blast from beginning to end and I loved watching this deadly game of hide and seek play out on screen in an awesome manner that really grabbed my attention throughout.

Ready Or Not is a blast from beginning to end and I definitely recommend that you give it a watch if you get the chance to.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the film and if there’s anything else that you took from the movie that I missed. Comment below and let me know!

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