Red Dead Redemption 2: Good And Bad Ending Expl...

Red Dead Redemption 2: Good And Bad Ending Explained + Epilogue Scene Spoiler Talk

Red Dead Redemption 2 Good And Bad Ending Explained and epilogue scene spoiler talk review breakdown

Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally hit stores with what is arguably one of the biggest games ever. Whether you’ve completed it or can’t be bothered to put in the kinda 100 hour work week that Rockstar, I’m here to break down what happens. Using reviews, cutscenes and spoiler talks I’ve put together a breakdown of both endings for the game as well as the epilogue scene.

There will be heavy spoilers for both and this is your last chance to avoid temptation and turn this video off.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and I play the game so you don’t have to.

Ending Explained

By the game’s ending the Dutch Van Der Linde gang is in complete disarray. Arthur, who at this point is dying of Tuberculosis, realises that he hasn’t got long left for this World and decides to try and be a good man for once in his final few days.

He rescues John and Sadie and reunites with Abigail in order to showcase that he has turned over a new leaf. Counterattacking this good karma is Dutch, the character sucessfully manages to turn the Wapiti Tribe and Eagle Flies against the US army and uses their conflict as an opportunity for one final score.

They successfully rob the US payroll that is onboard the train and on the most part, it is a great payout for Dutch and Micah. John however is shot and presumed dead during the heist whilst Abigail is abducted by The Pinkertons. Dutch shows his true colours and leaves Abigail to her fate which leaves the task of rescuing her for Arthur and Sadie.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Good And Bad Ending Explained and epilogue scene spoiler talk review breakdown

Both storm Van Horn and manage to kill Agent Miller, who, reveals that Micah was in fact the Pinkerton rat. Arthur returns to the camp to reveal this to Dutch who refuses to accept it. John too turns up and confronts Dutch about leaving him for dead.

The camp are forced to scatter before they can fully settle their differences and it is at this point that the player is given a choice on affecting the outcome. You can either help John or go back for the money. Either option ends with Arthur and Micah getting into a fight which forces Dutch to intervene.

Dutch appears torn on who to kill due to the new knowledge that Micah is now a rat but instead of killing either simply walks away. Your choice changes the fate of Arthur in some respects but still does alter the fact that he dies.

Greedy players who went back for the money will eventually be killed by Micah. However, players that went back and helped John will see Arthur come to the realisation that in the end he was a good person and will be treated to the character looking out over a beautiful view before succumbing to the tuberculosis.

It’s a slightly dower note to end on as Arthur dies either way and Dutch and Micah both get to fight another day, however, the game possesses an epilogue that ties up these loose ends and leads into the rest of the games in the series.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Ending Explained

The Epilogue

We fast forward a few years and players are now out in the shoes of John Marston, who fans will of course recognise as the protagonist from Red Dead Redemption.

John works as a farm hand with Abigail and is forced to take up his guns once more in order to protect innocent people at the ranch. Though Abigail is disappointed by this, John fights to prove that he can change his ways and sets out to build Beechers Hope on a recently acquired plot of land.

John finds happiness with Abigail there and during his time learns information about Micah’s whereabouts.

John eventually tracks Micah and a broken down Dutch. In the standoff, Dutch kills Micah and disappears into the night, desperate to leave the life behind that destroyed him. Whether this was because of the betrayal they did to Arthur or just that Dutch had enough of Micah’s lies we will never know, but it’s great the character found Redemption much in the same way that Arthur did.

John recovers the money and returns to Abigail. In the post credits, we learn how Edgar Ross learnt of John’s location and the game beautifully sets up the events that happened in Red Dead Redemption.

Your Thoughts

So what are your thoughts on the ending of Red Dead Redemption 2? Did you go for the money or save John and what did you think of the storyline overall?

Comment below and let me know!

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