Serenity (2019) Ending Explained | The Worst Mo...

Serenity (2019) Ending Explained | The Worst Movie Twist Ever

serenity 2019 ending explained

Hi guys, so this is a slightly more informal video than I normally do but I just had to cover 2019’s Serenity which arguably has the worst movie twist of all time in it. Don’t worry fans of firefly, this has nothing to do with the other Serenity Movie and if you’re smart you’ll stay well away from this.

There’s of course going to be huge spoilers in this video but I imagine if you’re watching this you’ve already see the rotten tomato score for the film so don’t really care.

Anyway, with that out the way, I’m Deffinition and welcome to the channel where I watch it so you don’t have to!

Serenity Ending Explained

Serenity centres around fisherman Baker Dill who lives on a fishing island called Plymouth. No my fellow brits, not that Plymouth though there are probably about the same amount of boats.

Throughout the film the character recieves strange visions but if he could really tell the future then he wouldn’t have greenlit this movie. Dill is an Iraq War veteran and now makes ends meet by taking people out on his boat named Serenity.

There’s a whole prostitution sub plot that I don’t really want to get into that basically paints out that Dill is broke. Ha he needs to get some Dill Dough…like money….anyway the woman that he regularly sleeps with has a son that Dill says is welcome to come back and work on his boat once more as he will give him a job even though he doesn’t have any money.

Anyway, throughout this Dill is tracked down by his ex wife Karen who left him for a rich man because why not and she now wants Dill to kill him because he is an abusive husband. They have a son together who likes to play video games, which, normally I wouldn’t cover that kind of pointless detail in a video but it plays massively into the stupid twist so yep, it’s in here.

serenity 2019 ending explained

Anyway Karen and her husband are going to be having a holiday on the island and the former wants Dill to kill him and dump his body in the ocean or something. Anyway Dill refuses this, keeps getting visions of the son sitting in his room playing games and you wonder what games you could be playing on instead this weekend, Resident Evil 2 is out, that’s a good one, make sure you watch my video on that yeah? Safe.

Anyway, Karen’s husband shows up, they go for the trip which is when he tells Baker that his son, Patrick, loves playing a fishing video game for some stupid reason, must not know that resident evil 2 is out, anyway this plays into the end.

This business man who has been chasing Dill down the whole movie finally catches up with him and gives him this fish finder radar thing to catch a big massive tuna that Dill has wanted the whole film. The Business man, called Reid doesn’t seem to want anything in return and says he’s just playing his part in the GAME, do you get it, GAME, listen closely cos it’s all a big game.

Anyway dun dun duhhhh it turns out that this entire island is actually part of a video game, that’s it, im not lying, Dill is a video game character in a fishing game. It turns out that the Karen’s son is the programmer and that he’s making this simulation. It turns out that the real Dill died in Iraq and that his son Patrick has reprogrammed a fishing video game to live out a fantasy of killing his abusive step-father.

Dill kinda goes back and forth and the island really try to rally together to stop him from killing the father because they want the game to go back to being about catching fish. Anyway because VIDEO GAMES ARE VIOLENT AND TURN PEOPLE INTO MURDERERS for some reason, Dill decides to kill the father, and then we cut to the real world where it Patrick has actually killed his abusive step father during another one of his attacks.

We learn that Patrick withdrew into the world and created this and that he’s pretty much getting away with stuff scot free. The movie ends with Patrick entering the digital world where he embraces with his father which indicates that Patrick has made a digital version of himself to spend time with his father.

My Review

Basically it’s just a big big mess, twists can often make or break movies and this one does the latter. I get what they were going for with the whole, making a real father to replace his step one but it’s just terrible. Really really bad, I got a lot of hate for saying that I enjoyed Replicas so I want some apologies from you guys right now cos sheesh, this is horrendous

Your Thoughts

Anyway, let me know your thoughts on the film in the comments below and if you enjoyed this video then please like it and make sure you check out my breakdown of Resident Evil 2: Remake at the end of this video which has inspired me to go kill some zombies.

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Thanks again for taking the time to watch this, I’ve been deffinition, you’ve been the best and I’ll see you next time. Take care, PEACE!


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