Shadow Of The Tomb Raider: Ending Explained + P...

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider: Ending Explained + Post Credits Scene Easter Eggs

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Shadow Of The Tomb Raider is the Third Game in the rebooted game series that follows Lara Croft on her journey to become a legend.

Like most games in the series there is a lot to unpack from both the ending and it’s post credits scene. Throughout this video I will be discussing the plot in full detail so there will be heavy spoilers. In my opinion the game is definitely worth playing through if you’re a fan so make sure you come back to this video at a later date if you’re yet to complete the storyline.

With that out the way, I’m Deffinition and I ruin the game so you don’t have to!

Game Ending

By the games final chapter, Lara is in a dire situation. She’s killed loads of people, shes jumped on hundreds of clearly marked ledges and has maintained her best Nathan Drake impression up for 20 hours but she’s still in trouble. The Order of Trinity has obtained both key items and is now free to control the Mayan apocalypse and use it to reshape the world in their image.

Enemy of fun Lara Croft for some reason doesn’t want the world to be enslaved by a group of mad men. No, shes perfectly content with Donald Trump, Theresa May and the lot ruling the world but Trinity have just went too far.

In the final showdown Lara manages to kill the antagonist Dominiquez and in doing so manages to not only save the world but to avenge her father’s death. In his dying breath, Dominiquez passes the key of Chak Chel onto Lara which transfers the power to her.

Due to this Lara has the ability to change the world as she sees fit. Whilst I thought we would get a world of clearly marked ledges and no more Uncharted Games, instead we get a vision of her tragic past, replaced with a happy childhood. Lara, ever the good guy, turns away from this fantasy however which is when she is faced with Crimson Fire. Crimson Fire want to stop the Apocolypse that has been brought forward by Trinity and in order to power the Sun they need to kill a God. This puts Lara directly in the firing line but she is more than willing to sacrifice herself even if it means a Game Over screen with no continues.

Crimson Fire go forward to take the power, they thrusts down with the dagger, stopping just above Lara’s chest which draws the light from her. The Eclipse ends as we see the screen fade to white and we are then flash forward to two days later at Uneratu’s funeral. Jonah and Lara decide to go their seperate ways and the two depart.

Lara decides to stay and help the locals whilst Jonah pursues his love interest, Abbey. Probably because after 10 years he finally realises he’s getting nowhere with Lara and has been well and truly friendzoned.

Post Credits Scene

The game isn’t over yet though and during the credits we are treated to a scene which ties a nice bow on the trilogy as a whole. We join Lara in Croft Manor as she writes a letter to Jonah. This shows that Lara has finally accepted her Father’s passing as the family home was often a place that she avoided wherever possible. The room is awash with trophies from the past three games as well as a little nod to the original PS1 game in the form of a child’s drawing of a dinosaur. Further callbacks are introduced when we meet Lara’s Butler for the first time in the series. He is visibly shaking which is of course one of his key characteristics and something that carries over from Tomb Raider 2.

I used to spend hours locking him in the giant freezer and maybe if Lara had’ve done this in her childhood she would be as happy as I am.

However, she didn’t do that as it was well and truly rebooted, so, Lara seems content and happy for the first time in this series and it’s a great closer that tops off this astounding trilogy. Where it will journey in the future is unknown it’s still the perfect ending point for the origin story of Lara Croft.

Your Thoughts

So, what did you think of Shadow Of The Tomb Raider? Do you think it topped off the trilogy well and what would you like to see in future installments? Do you want a game where you just lock the Butler in the freezer over and over?

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Thanks again for taking the time to watch this, I’ve been Deffinition, you’ve been the best and I’ll see you next time!

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