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SHAZAM! Ending Explained Breakdown + Post Credits Scenes, Hidden Easter Eggs You Missed & My Spoiler Review

shazam post credit scene explained breakdown on the henry cavill cameo and mister mind and black adam

Shazam Plot Synopsis

Shazam opens with a young Dr. Sivana traveling home with his brother and father. Sivana is really looked down upon by the two and we get the feeling that his brother is the favourite whilst he’s sort of the outcast.

Things start looking up though when he’s transported to The Rock Of Eternity during the ride and he meets a wizard known as Shazam. Shazam is in search for someone pure of heart to tackle the manifestations of The Seven Deadly Sins for when they eventually break out of their holdings in his dimension.

There’s a little cameo from Mister Mind, which I’ll get more into later and it seems like Sivana is going to become the next Champion until the whisperings of The Sins tempt him to take their power. Due to this Sivana is cast out and back on the road he accidentally causes his father to crash the car they’re riding in, paralysing him in the process.

Eagle Eyed DC Fans will recognise Sivana’s father as actor John Glover who also played Lionel Luthor in TV’s Smallville. Man that guy is amazing at raising supervillains.

Billy Batson Origin Story

Flash forward to current day and we join Billy Batson, a 14-year-old boy who’s in search of his mother. Batson lost her during a visit to the carnival and has been moving from foster home to foster home trying to track her down to no avail.

There’s a nice little reference to Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises with a policeman putting a blanket around the young Batson in order to comfort him after just losing his parents, it’s just a shame that Commissioner Gordon wasn’t on the case because maybe he could’ve found his mother.

Anyway, Batson gets moved to a new foster home and quickly forms a friendship with the other children there including Superhero obsessed Freddie Freeman. Freddie owns a Replica Batarang, has multiple Aquaman T-Shirts and even managed to obtain a deflected bullet that was shot off Superman.

Sivana’s Story

Meanwhile, Doctor Sivana has spent decades looking for a way back to The Rock Of Eternity so that he can prove he’s worthy. After interviewing multiple people with shared experiences, Sivana figures out the symbols to create a doorway back to the realm and goes back to the Rock, taking the original power that the Sins tempted him with whilst they possess and inhabit his body.

Left with no real choice, The Wizard Shazam bestows the power of Shazam upon Billy who with the help of Freddie slowly starts to figure out his powers.

There’s some absolutely hilarious scenes here in which Billy stops a store robbery and he quickly becomes a local celebrity racking up thousands of views on YouTube…a bit like another hero I know!

With Great Power…

The fame sort of goes to his head and Billy becomes more of an act than a hero, dodging his responsibility as much as possible and we all know with great power comes great…never mind that’s the wrong hero.

Because of this he and Freddy fall out and Freddy sort of becomes a laughing stock at school after bragging that Shazam will have lunch for him but he never shows.

Sivana, aware that if Billy gains his full potential will be able to defeat him, tracks him down and tries to take his power. There’s an awesome floor keyboard reference to BIG which is of course a big influence on this film but Billy takes the cowards way out during the fight and flees from it.

Sivana spots Freddy who he recognises from a news shot and kidnaps him, which leads him to the foster home where he holds the family hostage.

At this point Billy, with the help of his foster brother who doesn’t do anything for Asian stereotypes, manages to track down his mother because of some hackerman skills but upon showing up at her door learns that she purposely left him at the carnival when she realised that she wouldn’t be able to take care of him properly due to her only being 17 and his father being in jail.

Shout-outs Barry Allen.

Anyway, Billy realises he has a new family and returns to the home to take Sivana head on who takes him to the rock of Eternity to transfer his powers.

shazam post credit scene explained breakdown on the henry cavill cameo and mister mind and black adam

Shazam Ending Explained

The foster family follow him and after Freddy throws a Batarang off his head, they realise that he goes back to being mortal if the sins are out of him.

Cue some Monsters Inc-inspired Doorways and a cameo from Crocodile Man and eventually the group return to the carnival that Billy was left at which is where Sivana shows up to take his power once more.

Shazam, realising that his power comes from the heart and that his family are that to him now is able to transfer his power into all his foster family and thus create The Shazam Kids.

Anyone who’s read Flashpoint knows how badass these guys are and I love that Adam Brodie finally got to be in a DC film.

For those who don’t know, Brady was actually cast as The Flash in George Miller’s Justice League film, however, the movie was canceled just days before it was due to shoot so it finally seems like JUSTICE…is served.

Sorry that joke was terrible.

Anyway, they defeat the sins and Billy is able to depower Sivana and lock him up. Their fight has Man Of Steel written all over it with some hilarious villain monologuing that falls on deaf ears.

The family grows closer and Freddy sits down for lunch which is when Shazam joins him confirming that they do indeed know each other. Just to add some extra oomph to end the film on, Shazam says he brought a friend which is when Superman walks in and sits down beside them.

Is Henry Cavill Still Superman?

Now, this last shot can be taken two ways. We never actually see Henry Cavill in the suit and Superman’s appearance is completely neck down. I did actually have a staff member from Warner Brothers contact me a couple of months back after they got to see an assembly cut of the film and they said that the Superman shot was originally supposed to be an insert whilst they worked out things behind the scenes with Henry Cavill.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like they were able to come to an agreement but I actually think the shot still works and Warner Bros probably managed to save a shed load of money.

Cut to the credits and we get an awesome animation that shows Shazam interacting with the rest of The Justice league and kinda owning them left right and centre.

SHAZAM! Post Credits Scenes

Now the first post-credits scene picks up with Doctor Sivana in his cell trying to recreate the symbols to open the door back to the Rock Of Eternity.

Out of nowhere, a raspy, robotic voice tells him that it’s useless and there are other ways to obtain magic which is when we see Mister Mind who escaped the rock Of Eternity earlier, has returned.

Mind is part of the Monster Society Of Evil and this is sort of a lower tier Legion Of Doom made up of members like Dummy, Mister Who and Crocodile Man.

Black Adam has too been a member from time to time and this sets up the casting of The Rock as the character for the inevitable sequel cos let’s face it, this movie is gonna kill it.

Sivana eventually joins them and this makes a lot of sense as a post-credits scene for the future.

Personally I’ve always viewed these as kind of joke characters and they’re not really headline acts for DC graphic novels so it seems strange that Warner Brothers have decided that they should be the next foe but Obviously they bring a wealth of dynamics to the proceedings so it seems like next time the creators are aiming to continue the fun and friendly aesthetic of this movie.

The last post credits scene is just a gag that was even shown in trailers and doesn’t tease anything for the future.

The scene shows Shazam attempting to speak to his fish as Freddy Freeman watches. This, of course, is a little nudge and acknowledgment of Aquaman but it’s bound to disappoint those who were expecting a big cameo from one of the DC A-Lister’s.

Shazam Ending Explained full spoiler talk breakdown on the film and the sequel superman cameo

My Review

Shazam was a hell of a lot of fun. DC have been criticised recently of copying Marvel too much but here the family-friendly vibe works a treat. The movie is hilarious from start to finish and there’s a self-awareness to it that makes it really easy to get into.

Casting is pitch perfect here with Jack Dylan who plays Freddie Freeman really being the runaway star for me. He adds a wealth of humour to the performance but also adds heart when necessary.

Zachery Levi too is about to become a household name because he feels like he embodies a kid that’s been bestowed with these powers.

Whilst I do think the third act goes on a bit too long with a Ferris wheel scene that was completely unnecessary, ultimately this is another step forward for DC who have been nailing it recently.

This is the best Captain Marvel movie of the year and you definitely should go and check this out in theatres as it’s gonna be a big one.

How I Would Rank The DCU Movies

Ok and lastly, how would I rank the entire DCU lineup from best to worst. Now I’m not going to include The Dark Knight Trilogy in this list as it’s unfair on the rest of the films and this is strictly from Man Of Steel Onwards. So, my ranking after seeing Shazam would go…

Man Of Steel at number one, I know this is a controversial pick but I think the film perfectly showcases what our world would be like if a Superhero entered it and that end fight, whilst a little long winded, set the stage for a lot of Superhero movies to come.

Next is Shazam, again, brilliant superhero movie that feels quite grounded in scenarios that I and I’m guessing a lot of teenagers will be able to relate to.

Next is the Extended Cut of Batman V Superman, whilst I do think this will probably rub people up the wrong way, being so high up the list, I do really enjoy the film and it has the best Batman fight scene ever put to film in it.

After that is Wonder Woman, brilliant movie that knocked it out the park for the most part, I just feel like it suffers from the origin story problems that most first outings do and it’s last act is where the movie falls apart.

Then it would be Aquaman, I really enjoyed that movie but the Pitbull song made me die a little inside.

Then it’s Justice League, that movie is just a mess to me and Cavill’s moustache ruins the entire thing. I’ll never forgive you Tom Cruise.

And last but not least is Academy Award winner, Suicide Squad. You know the movies bad when the sequel is a reboot so yeah, let’s not get into it.

So yeah, Shazam ranks pretty high and I’m looking forward to watching it again.

Your Thoughts

Obviously, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the movie and where you rank it amongst the rest of the DC Universe.

Comment below and let me know!

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