Sicario: Story Recap and Ending Explained

Sicario: Story Recap and Ending Explained

sicario story recap and ending explained by deffinition full spoiler talk catch up for sicario 2 soldado

Sicario: Film Recap And Ending Explained

Sicario 2 sees release this week so to celebrate I decided to rewatch the first film in the phenomenal franchise to bring you a recap of where things left off as well as my explanation on the film’s ending.

Throughout this article, there will be heavy spoilers and I highly recommend that you check this film out if you haven’t yet.

Sicario Plot Recap

Throughout Sicario we follow FBI Agent, Kate Macer, as she works with the CIA in order to take down drug cartel operations. Teaming with shadowy CIA agent: Matt Graver and Alejandro Gillick, she slowly discovers that things aren’t what they seem and because of this gets thrown into the middle of the crosshairs.

In the film’s final half hour we discover that The CIA have only been using Kate for her status as an FBI Agent. This is because the CIA requires co-operation from another Agency in order to operate within the US. Kate comes to the realisation that she has been set up as a patsy but still insists on joining the raid on the tunnel in order to find out more and to ensure things still go by the book. The team kills all the men in the tunnel, and Alejandro reaches the other end, where he kidnaps one of Díaz’s drug mules. When Kate arrives and attempts to stop Alejandro, he shoots her bulletproof vest which momentarily paralyses her and allows him to continue his mission.

Sicario ending explained and story recap

Matt’s True Motives

Returning to the tunnel entrance, Kate confronts Matt who explains that by disabling the Sonora Cartel, they are attempting to return to a time when a single cartel, Medellín, ran the drug trade. This would ultimately return order to the industry and thus reduce violence, and until Americans stop using cocaine, this is the best they can hope for. Alejandro, who worked for Medellín, was brought on to assassinate Alarcón. Matt explains to Kate that Alarcón had ordered the murder of Alejandro’s wife and daughter, and that this is Alejandro’s opportunity for revenge.

In Mexico, Alejandro lreachers Alarcón’s estate. He finds the Alarcón family and at their dinner table murders Alarcon’s family infront of him before killing him too.

After the completion of the mission, Alejandro appears in Kate’s apartment where he forces her at gunpoint to sign a waiver legitimising the operation. As he leaves she aims her pistol at him as he makes eye contact with her, but she cannot bring herself to pull the trigger. Alejandro warned Kate that she was not cut out to live amongst the wolves and the lowering of her gun confirms this. This also highlights why the character will not return for the sequel.

A Game Of Soccer

In Ciudad Juarez, we watch a victim of Alejandro’s widow watches her son’s soccer game. The game is briefly interrupted by the sound of gunfire, before continuing. This signifies that the violence will continue once more and it will be the innocents who are left to suffer. At it’s heart this is a tale of the death of one’s family and how leading a violent life will always lead to tragedy. Alejandro’s family were killed which lead him to murder members of other peoples and it warns how dangerous drugs could be.

At the film’s heart is the theme that if everyone just stopped using drugs or if the government legalised it, which they are clearly prepared to consider, then this violence would go away and stop leaking into affect those who have had no influence on it.

It’s a deep message and one of the most brilliant aspects of the film.

sicario ending explained and plot recap


So, what did you think of Sicario? Is there anything I missed out or did you interpret the film differently?

Comment below and let me know!

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Again, thanks very much for taking the time to watch this and I’ll see you next time. Take care, PEACE!


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