Sierra Burgess Is A Big Loser: Ending Line Expl...

Sierra Burgess Is A Big Loser: Ending Line Explained by Shannon Purser

Sierra Burgess Is a Loser ending explained spoiler talk review by shannon purser

Sierra Burgess Is A Big Loser is a 2018 Netflix Original Film starring Shannon Purser. The movie tells the story of a girl Catfishing a guy to like her without all the eye rolling of Nev and Max trying to wear as many T-shirts as possible to prove he is TV’s biggest social justice warrior.

The film’s star, Shannon Purser, wants to make sure that viewers don’t get the wrong idea with the film’s ending and recently discussed with Business Insider, exactly what the closing line of dialogue by Jamey means.

In the finale, Jamey surprises Purser’s character, Sierra, by turning up to the homecoming dance to take her out. He utters the line:

“Honestly had we not met the way that we had, maybe I wouldn’t have noticed you. I mean you’re not exactly everybody’s type.”

Sierra seems taken aback by it but Jamey quickly reassures her that “you’re my type — you are exactly my type.”

Purser told Business Insider that “I do think that people are going to watch that and think that maybe he’s referencing my weight, which I really hope they don’t. That line was in the script before they had cast me and before they were even looking for somebody who was plus size which I don’t think they were really initially looking for when they started casting.”

After the line, Jamey lists off that she’s smart, funny, beautiful and talented and states that he was impressed by her voice.

Purser closed the interview by saying that:

“I think [his comment] is in reference to Sierra’s maybe creepy method for getting to know him, or also just her nerdiness, you know? She is kind of an odd egg. But I think she has a good heart and had a lot of remorse for her actions. And he just wanted her to know that he forgave her for that.”

Closing Thoughts

I think it’s great that Purser cleared it up as I did take it to be quite a big put down about her weight and it’s great that the film maker’s hearts were in the right place.

So what did you think of Sierra Burgess Is A Big Loser? How did you take the final line and do you think that the way Sierra went about getting Jamey was right?

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