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SNOWPIERCER Episode 3 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Full Recap & Review Of ‘Access Is Power’

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition and thank you for choo-choo-choosing us as your go to snowpiercer breakdown.

The third episode has just dropped and there’s a tonne of things to talk about in regards to the show. We finally discover who the serial killer is and we’re gonna be giving our theories on what exactly is going on with this and why it could unravel Melanie’s disguise.

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With that out the way, thank you for clicking this, now let’s get into our breakdown of Snowpiercer Episode three.

Snowpiercer Episode 3 Breakdown

Ok so episode three picks up from the perspective of the doctor who pretty much runs the sleepers car. We initially see him cutting Miles hair and taking his blood. As we learned last week he has been given an apprenticeship and is moving up train. I think this is a powerplay by Melanie to make it so that Layton has to remain loyal to her as she can always threaten his son should he finally unearth the truth about her position as Mr. Wilford.

However, as we discover Miles is becoming an engineer so this will likely backfire on her as he will have more access to the train and of course he is very loyal to the tail.

We also see the doctor cutting an access chip out of the arm of one of the mysterious serial killers victims. This chip ties into the title of the episode Access is power and this opening is an awesome way to show how power is traded up and down the train.

We see it move it’s way up the train to the 1% where they only take it for sport. I actually love this format of these cold openings and this mirrors Josie’s from last week in a lot of ways. I hope that it’s the way that the show goes forward as it really helps you get up to speed with the economy of the carriages and how the black market runs.

Now whilst the chip is a notable commodity we also see a Brakeman dealing Kronole in exchange for it. Last week we saw the same character selling it to the tail and he becomes a pivotal plot point throughout this episode. We also meet character known as the Janitor who is a sort of underworld figure on Snowpiercer.

In addition to this you can see a boxer beside him that is missing their arm. As we’ve learned this is normally due to a punishment carried out by someone on board so this boxers association with the Janitor subtly hints that he is a rule breaker. A Boxing match becomes a big talking point in this episode and it’s teased with this introduction.

Nicky J is clearly having a Kronole relapse and she too becomes a big plot point later in the episode which we will talk about further in the video.

snowpiercer episode 3 breakdown ending explained spoiler talk review netflix tnt things you missed easter eggs spoiler review recap 4k

Access Is Power And Power Is Access

After the title sequence, Layton wakes up recovering from the beating he received last week. We get a flashback of Josie going to the night car and this is breakup juxtaposes last weeks flashback in which we saw the couple meeting and getting engaged. Layton gives her his engagement ring to trade and similar to the access chip we saw at the beginning this becomes something that the character can use to trade to get power.

Once more, access is power and power is access.

In first Melanie delivers an apparent message from Mr Wilford to the hospitality staff. Jing Joo is one of the the only ones that isn’t completely enamoured by it and she definitely seems like she knows what is going on with Melanie and her dual identity. Commander Grey also realises that Wilford has paraphased Winston Churchill and I’ve kinda tried to think long and hard about what the subtext of this could mean.

Personally I take it as him realising that this speech is Wilford trying to appear as a leader by taking the form of another and hoping that no one would notice. This is of course mirrored in Melanie who is trying to appear as Wilford and maybe he has realised that you can’t fake leadership for long.

Layton is escorted to Melanie and they discuss the Kronole dealing that is going on onboard the train. As we learned in the film this is a black market drug that causes those on it to have hallucinations. It is also used for sedation in the sleeper car but it’s been modified for street use.

Beth Has A Change Of Heart

Elsewhere we learn that Beth is actually the one dating Jinjoo. We did say that we didn’t think it was Melanie even though this was teased in the first episode and Beth is slowly becoming my favourite character in the show. I actually think she will end up becoming part of the revolution and she is kinda of the archetype for someone coming from poverty and then helping those below from the top down. She is seen with feathers tattooed on her back and birds are often thought of as a symbol of freedom so I do think her relationship with Layton will be a driving force to make her turn on those in the top.

Slowly the show has been slotting characters up train and I do believe that the revolution will be an almost pincer like movement from the top and tail that goes in on the middle. So far Beth, Miles and the three characters that carried out the revolution are all near the front and it definitely seems like things are being set up this way.

Jinjoo tells Beth not to cross Melanie Cavill, once more hinting that she knows the truth about Wilford. We did mention in our first episode breakdown that we love that if Wilford was indeed a real person in this version that there has been a revolution up the front that no one knows about. That is Melanie overthrowing him. Clearly she would’ve needed help to do this and as we know that Jinjoo is a doctor she could be helping to sedate the character and keep him underwraps whilst Melanie rules the train.

I do think that they’re saving Wilford for a big reveal as you don’t cast Sean Bean and kill him before he even gets a chance to be in the show…but then again it is Sean Bean so who knows.

The Janitor

Layton and Roache confront the brakeman about the Kronole dealing and we once more come face to face with the Janitor. Now Janitors aren’t people that I initially think of as rich and affluent, my bad Mr Wilson at school I know you did a good job. To be this far up the train I think you have to have had money so I do think that this is a nickname rather than his job before Snowpiercer. He likely lied in order to gain a job in the center of the train which he could use as a cover.

He seems like a High-Level gangster and has clearly brought his criminal activities onboard the train.

In first the excitement of Fight Night is starting to reach a fever pitch and we also see the Folger’s bodyguard who is revealed to be the serial killer on board the train. Now is he actually the one behind it or is it the Folgers carrying this out. Well we did see last time that Lyla Junior told him to put away his gun and this motif made me think that they were in control of him and that he was merely their servant.

At fight night Lyla Junior looks at him almost instructing him to go after Nicky J so she may even be the one behind it all.

The family are clearly butting heads with Melanie and have been unable to speak to Wilford for some time even though they helped to finance his train. From this, I would theorize that the killer’s interrogation is in order to find out what is really going on with the character and that he has been told to kill them so that their mission to find out more don’t get discovered.

Roache does confirm that Wilford indeed existed as he shook his hand before they boarded so we do now know for definite that Melanie did overthrow him and take his name.

Fight Night

Before we can learn more Beth announces that Nicky J has woken up. They go to ask her questions but Melanie arrives before they can get answers. We learn from Clint, I think it was Clint or Flint, worst breakdown ever that the Kronole has been manufactured from the sedation drug and that he’s pretty much the key to it’s dealing.

Clint also wears a best dad in the world badge but similar to Roache, he likely lost his child on the train. After discovering Mile’s hair he demands to see him. We learn that he’s in an apprenticeship program to be an Engineer and this likely means that he will become part of the team that works on the engine itself. Thus he will become a key aspect of the revolution when it eventually goes ahead, who knows, he may even be the one to disable it.

Melanie also edits together a speech from existing clips of Mr. Wilford voiced by none other than Sean Bean. People would of course recognise his voice and she has had to take this measure likely to throw suspicion off herself. So this now confirms that Wilford is a real person and that Melanie hasn’t been behind the entire thing. The Wilford Melanie theories can be put to the side more in favor of the revolution in first ones.

Fight Night begins and if you ever wanted to know who would win between a woman and a one-armed man, here’s your chance.

Layton meets with Zara and she gives him back the ring from the start showing that she didn’t trade it and that she still kept him in her heart.

Layton says he’s put a lot of thought into staying up train with her but states that the train is where his heart really lies and thus the revolution lives on.

snowpiercer episode 2 breakdown ending explained spoiler talk review netflix tnt things you missed easter eggs spoiler review recap


Nicky J finally comes out of suspension and this is when Lyla Junior instructs him to go after her to potentially cover up the family’s plot. The way that the episode culminates definitely makes it seem like they are trying to get to Wilford and discover what’s going on with him but we will of course see as this goes on.

The Folgers purposely stay behind after the fight when everyone goes home, possibly making sure that they have an alibi whilst the Nicky J attack is carried out and LJ even waves to Layton, making sure that she is seen so that she cannot be a suspect.

I think this will be unearthed but we don’t know what the family actually knows and they have clearly been holding onto secrets in order to use them when they feel compromised. If the serial killer is discovered as the Bodyguard it will be linked back to them and who knows they may even reveal the truth about Melanie should they feel threatened.

Layton is taken to the Janitor who tells him about his life before the train in which he cleaned a high rise building and that the train is just one on it’s side. I’m still not sure he’s telling the truth about this but obviously we will see as we get into it.

The poster for Snowpiercer does also have this high rise building motif with the train ascending into the air so I did appreciate this line being dropped which commented on how society works and that those at the top often crap on those below.

Layton trades the ring for access to information and if access is power then by that thinking information is power too. People have been killed for Wilford’s secrets. Layton gets to see Josie and he tells her about Miles before passing her the access chip from the start of the episode.

Snowpiercer Episode 3 Ending Explained

So now the people in the tail have a way to travel up the train and I think we might actually be seeing the revolution sooner than expected.

Who knows, if the Folgers are found to be connected to the killer they may reveal the truth about Melanie, and whilst first is in an uproar, Layton could launch the attack from the tail to strike them when they are at their most vulnerable.

Considering we are only three episodes in I think the show is really going full steam ahead and this was another brilliant episode.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the third episode and what you thought of the real. Comment below and let me know.

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