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Spider-Man 3: Full Plot Leak Breakdown | Inside Source Reveals Outline Of Early Script Draft | HEAVY SPOILERS

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Welcome to the Heavy Spoilers show, I’m your host Deffinition aka your friendly neighborhood Spider-man reporting live from the Daily Bugle.net and this morning a big plot breakdown of Spider-man 3 made it’s way to the web through sources that are apparently very close to the scripting process of the movie.

Throughout this, I’m gonna be breaking down everything from the leaked post including all of the plot details, what they could mean for the film and where the movie could be going.

Now there will be potentially heavy spoilers here and whilst all leaks like this should be taken with a grain of salt, we have covered a lot in the past that have turned out to be true such as Joker, Avengers: Endgame, Game Of Thrones, Terminator Dark Fate and so on, so if you don’t want anything potentially ruined then I highly recommend that you turn off now.

Make sure you subscribe to the channel to keep up to date with all of the leaks and spoilers on the upcoming movie and with that out the way thanks for clicking this video, now let’s get into our breakdown of the Spider-Man 3 plot leaks!

Spider-Man 3 Plot Leaks

These come from Reddit user NoSale7 on the Marvel Studio Spoilers thread and this place is normally 50/50 on plot leaks with some being pretty much correct and others being made up. I’ll let you decide as we go through it but unlike a lot of the ones that turn out to be lies, this is extremely detailed and long and it fleshes out the entire story, picking up right after the events of Spider-man: Far From Home.

The user said that they have a source that told them that these are the key plot points from a very early draft of the movie and it picks up not long after the ending of the aforementioned film.

Spider-Man 3 Script

-Peter is raided and arrested at his home by cops and SWAT teams very early on in the film.

-Peter is tried in court and sentenced to life with no possibility of parole in a maximum security prison.

-Much of the first act is court proceedings and Peter adjusting to life in prison before all the convicts and even guards start trying to kill him. Think ending of John Wick 2.

Now there is no mention of Daredevil here which was an aspect that was originally rumored to be in the film with Peter seeking legal council from Matt Murdock. This was apparently going to be the point that the Netflix shows were revived before going forward on Hulu as their own entities but at the moment, excluding that this does line up with other things that have been reported on in the past.

-Peter discovers there was a huge contract put out on him from someone on the outside calling himself the Benefactor.

Some of you may remember The Benefactor from Ant-Man and the Wasp and before the collapse of the Disney Sony deal, it was rumored that at the end of Far From Home this would be revealed to be Norman Osborne however this leak changes that up which I’ll get into later. There’s a couple of red herrings here and there but eventually, it does line up with what other sources have said so far.

spider man 3 update sony confirm sinister six in the mcu

-A massive brawl breaks out, leading to Peter being transferred to a different prison.

-The bus carrying him and other prisoners is intercepted in the middle of the city by Kraven The Bounty Hunter as they call him in the film. Kraven coldly kills the prisoners and dukes it out with Peter.

-Peter manages to escape Kraven, badly beaten. He is free, but now a fugitive from the law and being chased by people who want him dead.

-Peter disconnects himself from everybody he knows, only ever reaching out to Happy via payphone to ask him for help if possible and to leave a message for his friends and family. He is otherwise resourceless.

-We find out the mysterious Benefactor is actually Quentin Beck, who is still alive and working behind the scenes to get rid of Spider-Man before returning as the renowned Mysterio.

This lines up with the ending of Far From Home with a lot of people believing that he is a good guy due to the footage reported on by J Jonah Jameson.

Now disappointingly JJ isn’t mentioned at all in the plot leak which sucks as he is someone that I think the studio would be desperate to get back especially with how hyped everyone was from the post-credits scene of Far From Home. There are rumors that he will be popping up at some point in the upcoming Morbius movie but we will see when this is released next year.

-Much of the second act plays similarly to No Country for Old Men where it’s a cat and mouse game between Spidey and Kraven.

-Peter spends much of the film with no web-shooters in a new but rough, handcrafted Spider-Man suit.

-This is Kraven’s first time being tasked to kill a superhuman and he is clearly having his fun with it. Almost taking it easy.

-Peter is caught in a race between trying to clear his name upon discovering that Beck is alive and also trying to avoid the law and Kraven, along with other small time hit men and villains who pop up along the way.

-Happy points Peter in the direction of agent Jessica Drew who believes that Peter is innocent and is willing to help keep Kraven off his tail. He also gets him his webshooters and OG homecoming suit back.

-Beck becomes increasingly frustrated with Kraven’s failure to kill Spider-Man. We find out this is Kraven’s last hunt as he’s been diagnosed with terminal cancer and he’s “savoring” it. He honestly just doesn’t want to kill a kid though.

This kinda lines up with the psychology of the character as well as major parts of his rich history and Kraven has always kinda been an anti-hero which this plot leak manages to capture beautifully.

-Beck threatens to kill Kraven if he doesn’t get the job done. Afterwards, we discover Quentin himself has a benefactor. None other than Norman Osborn, who is running for senator.

daredevil and kingpin in the mcu spider man 3 news announcement vincent d onofrio and charlie cox return hulu

-Norman eventually exposes Beck as a fraud and proves Peter Parker’s innocence, which swings public opinion his way in the election. Norman gets the credit for reopening the investigation and finding the truth.

-The final battle between Kraven and Spider-Man is brutal, they get sandwiched by police, and it ends in Kraven nearly being killed by an extremely angry Peter. Kraven tells Peter where Beck is hiding and Peter lets him live.

-Peter goes to Beck’s hideout which turns into a big illusion which Peter defeats. Quentin is arrested, all his belongings and evidence seized, and Peter is exonerated.

-Peter reunites with MJ, Ned, and May. He visits Doctor Strange who offers to make “the world forget”. Peter ponders the question and the credits roll.

The Leaks Review

And that’s all of the leaks that we have. Honestly, if this is what we end up getting I’d be pretty happy. This really feels like the perfect tying together of the Spider-man MCU trilogy and it has a lot of big reveals, twists and also amazing set up for the future.

Spider-man 3 has been said to be the character’s ‘Endgame’ by Marvel CEO Kevin Fiege and this is packing a lot of elements to it that make it seem like it certainly will be that.

This was also said to be Spider-man’s Darkest Chapter and due to all the things that are going on in it it certainly comes across like that.

I like how Norman Osborne uses the clearing of Peter’s name as a springboard to get more power for himself and we all do kinda know that Spider-man won’t be thought of as guilty by the end of the third movie so when they do clear his name, it will be a smart move for it to spiral into more problems.

This aesthetic has always been a big part of Spider-man stories and watching him go from one problem to the next is what keeps the character so relatable so I definitely think that it’s a really inspired choice.

I do like that Mysterio returns as well as I always had a lot of questions about his death. Just something about it didn’t feel all that satisfying and if he does return, alongside Kraven then that’s gonna be an awesome addition. Both Tom Holland and Director Jon Watts have said that the next character they want the webhead to tackle is Kraven so if this is someone they bring in I won’t be mad at it.

Kraven’s Last Hunt is an outstanding graphic novel and it would be outstanding to see that play out on the big screen as those who’ve read it know just how good it is.

I am still kinda unsure if this is something that we will definitely get as there are certain bits here and there that I’m unsure of but as far as plot leaks go this is way way more detailed than the usual bunch that we get which are probably just about 300 words long.

Unlike them, this is expansive, heavily detailed and it seems like a structured storyline with a three-act narrative that touches upon past events such as the Benefactor whilst also creating new elements that we have heard are going to be present in the MCU going forward for phases 4 and 5.

I am pretty psyched for this though and if you’re a big fan of spiderman as well then I’m sure that this definitely has you pumped up as well. There’s nothing here that I really dislike and often plot leaks have me scratching my head but this one seems pretty tight, so yeah, I’m happy with it.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on these leaks and if they’re something that you wanna see? Do you believe them or do you think we will get something completely different? Comment below and let me know!

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