Spider-Man 3 Set To Be The ‘Darkest’...

Spider-Man 3 Set To Be The ‘Darkest’ Spidey Film With Chameleon Rumored To Be The Villain & She-Hulk To Have A Cameo?

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In the wake of a lot of news coming out about the upcoming MCU project: Spider-man 3, there’s been a couple of leaks that have made their way to the web that I thought deserved closer inspection.

The main one of these coming from lord of the leaks himself, Mikey Sutton, who correctly reported on Spider-man joining the MCU way back in Civil War as well as the Disney and Sony negotiations being ongoing when many said that that the door was closed.

On the 30th of September the leaker posted a status that said that the upcoming 2021 film, Spider-man 3 would be the Darkest of the Homecoming trilogy and that it would feature The Chameleon as a villain as well as She-Hulk who will be cameoing in the movie before her solo show on Disney plus.

Daredevil Returns To The MCU?

I’ll get into the post in just a bit but this ties in with reports that were put out yesterday that Daredevil and Kingpin would be featuring in the film and that Disney was planning on resurrecting the Netflix shows through Hulu. I’ve already done a full video on that so if you wanna know more then make sure you click the bar along the top that links to the video.

Anyway, Sutton seemingly has a lot of info on the upcoming movie and whilst leaks like this should always be taken with a grain of salt, it does sound like a pretty cool way to take the character in the film.

Chameleon Is The Next Spider-Man Movie Villain

The post itself says the following:

SCOOP – 9/30/19: Now that the dispute between Sony and Disney over Spider-Man in the MCU has been happily resolved, the focus is on filming Spider-Man 3 or, more specifically, scripting the movie. The origin of the following scoop is not new, so whether changes will be made after the new agreement remains to be seen. After all, this wasn’t solidified back then, either. There were discussions on having the Chameleon be the villain in the third MCU Spider-Man flick. The plan, it seems, is to have the movie be about a tale of identities — the hero whose identity is revealed and the villain who steals identities. Marvel Studios sees this as the darkest of the three films with a slightly more grown-up Peter Parker who has experienced so much already and is about to go through a harrowing personal journey at home. Most likely, the Chameleon will be pretending to be either Parker and/or Spider-Man, causing much havoc. Whether the Chameleon will be affiliated with Dimitri in Far From Home remains to be seen but I strongly believe that was simply misdirection. (It’s just coincidence?) But will it just be the Chameleon? Watch Lords of The Long Box for Part II of this news live at 5 p.m. PST today as the third act looks to involve Parker’s green-skinned attorney against another powerful foe. These talks were early so let’s see what ends up staying as the script is just being written. How will it be? Your fly in the ointment, Mikey Sutton

This sounds really cool and whilst I was hoping that Kraven would be the villain of the piece this aesthetic actually works really well to. I suppose it’s down to Sony how they want to bring Kraven into the universe but as of now we haven’t had a date for the film announced and thus it’s a pretty safe bet to assume that his solo outing will probably be released after the aforementioned Spider-man 3.

spider man 3 mcu chameleon villain explained she hulk cameo news everything we know so far leaks and script spoilers breakdown

Peter Parkers Identity Revealed

Chameleon could also be used to get Peter’s identity back to being private, as, if he is discovered in the film to be parading around as the wall-crawler then the Mysterio attacks that were blamed on Parker could be shifted to him.

Now again this is a rumor and as Sutton says this idea was dropped early in production so it may not even make it’s way through the scripting process so take this as you will.

Personally I think this sounds great and it would definitely work in my opinion. The Homecoming Trilogy is known for using villains that haven’t appeared in Spider-man films before and this at least on the surface lines up with the aesthetic.

Your Thoughts

Now obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on this news and if you think it’s true or if you think it’s just some Mysterio fake news. Comment below and let me know!

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