SPIDER-MAN DEAL UPDATE | Sony Will Let Disney U...

SPIDER-MAN DEAL UPDATE | Sony Will Let Disney Use Character In MCU If He Can Be Venom 2 & Spider-Verse

spiderman in the mcu tom holland venom cameo scene breakdown full movie explained and whos to blame in the disney and sony deal

After two weeks of no official statements from Disney Or Sony, it looks like we may have some of the hope that Hawkeye was looking for with a new report that says the two companies are meeting this week to go over some brand new terms and conditions.

This report comes directly from news website We Got This Covered who today reported that Sony and Disney are meeting again this week to try and broker a deal that will allow for both studios to be able to use the character.

This lines up with some posts that we’ve had so far this week.

Last weekend Mike Sutton posted the following:

Mikey Sutton Spiderman Post

What’s most interesting about this is that Sutton was the person who originally broke the deal before Civil War and he too reported that the negotiations were failing long before we had any word from Deadline that it looked like Sony were pulling the character.

Sony Want Spider-man In Venom 2 And The MCU

We Got This Covered backed this statement up today and also said that Sony is apparently open to the idea that Marvel can retain use of the character in their future films and crossovers, however, they also wish to be able to use Spider-man in their own films such as Venom 2 and Morbius and this could potentially open up those characters to being included in the highly successful Marvel universe.

This might actually be a response to an earlier report I did this week that said that Tom Holland actually filmed a cameo from Venom, however, Disney stepped in and made Sony cut it as it didn’t sit in line with their vision. This was reported by Collider and John Schnepp so it holds a lot of weight and seems like it has a lot of legitimacy to it.

Sony also wishes to be able to use the character in any future films such as a spider-verse sequel and any other directions that they intend to take the character into which may include the highly rumored Kraven’s last hunt solo film.

Disney And Sony Deal Update

I think this deal definitely makes a lot of sense going forward as, at the time of Venom, Infinity War had just happened so it would be confusing to see the character alive again, though this could have tied to his School Trip. However, now it’s likely that Spider-man will be around for a while and if he is drafted back into the MCU then this could definitely allow him to cross over into these films without any major issues being caused.

I actually think what probably will happen is that we will see something similar to the Universal and Hulk deal that Marvel currently have and have had for the last ten years which is that Hulk can appear in crossover films, however he can’t appear in solo ones as Universal wish to retain the rights, should they ever decide to do one.

What could potentially happen and I have to stress this is just me making assumptions, is that Sony could, going forward make all solo spider-man movies, Disney may oversee them and help to produce and then they can use the character in crossovers such as The Avengers and more.

I think this would massively benefit both companies and would allow Sony to still use the MCU as a platform to promote their films as we have already seen that the extended cut for Spider-man Far From Home hasn’t really performed as expected and Sony may now be worried that removing the character from the universe could have disastrous consequences.

spiderman in the mcu tom holland venom cameo scene breakdown full movie explained and whos to blame in the disney and sony deal

Will The Spider-Man Deal Happen?

Again I have to stress that we haven’t had official word from Sony or Disney at this point and that means that negotiations are probably still ongoing. Neither company is stupid and they will obviously both want to make the most money possible out of the situation.

I actually am really open to Spider-man being included in Venom and the Sony Verse and think that it would be a great idea to retain the character and also give us the best of both worlds.

It’s rumored that we may hear a final decision within the next two weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that. I think it’s definitely what the fans want and it would be mind-boggling to get a new spider-man film that didn’t acknowledge any of the prior films or characters. It just seems like a smart move and I hope that they get it sorted.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on this news so make sure you leave your thoughts on it in the comments section below.

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