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Spider-Man Deal Update | Tom Holland: Spider-Man 3 WILL Be MCU Connected + Disney Sony Deal Negotiations Ongoing

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Marvel fans must feel like they’re in a Mysterio illusion this week with Tom Holland pretty much being Schrodingers Spider. We don’t know if he’s in or if he’s out of the MCU but it looks like negotiations are still on going with this new report that comes directly from Comicbook.com.

Tom Holland appeared at KeyStone Comic-Con on Sunday to an audience of 2,000 people and beforehand audience members were told not to ask any Spider-man questions because it may mess up any contract discussions that are announced in the next few days.

spiderman 3 will be connected to the mcu

This comes directly from panel attendee @pcterrs who said the following:


Yet during the panel Holland stated the following:

This seems strange as the audience were told they weren’t allowed to talk about it and yet Holland was onstage being asked direct questions. The Twitter user was later asked by the website The Inquirer to clarify her statements and she said the following:

“It was kind of odd to be told not to ask about it, but then have them ask it in the interview. The answer he gave was so scripted, I think they’re still working on it. It was almost literally word for word what he said at D23.”

This I completely agree with and the main reason that I didn’t cover the Keystone comments is because it was pretty much word for word what was said at D23 and just seemed like a repeat of the story.

Spider-man 3 WILL Be MCU Connected

However, most news sources are reporting that Holland is 100% out of the MCU which I actually find quite strange and do think that no one seems to have picked up on the key point of this entire thing. At no point, during any interview at all, has anyone ever mentioned the MCU once. Whilst they have said that Disney and Sony are no longer working together they have not actually stated that the films will be disconnected and that there is no way that Spider-man can mention any of the prior events or discuss the characters.

This always seemed like a weird thing to report for me as I think that even if Sony and Disney did decide to part ways that there isn’t really anything to stop Spider-man mentioning Tony Stark or the other characters. Some might say that this would cause legal issues but I highly doubt it, there’s a very famous scene from the original Spider-man Sam Raimi film in which Aunt May mentions Superman, who is of course owned by DC and there are umpteen scenes from the Arrowverse that discuss heroes from the Marvel Universe even though that is part of the DC universe.

Spiderman disney sony deal update

I think even if Disney and Sony do split that the films will still remain, at least in some ways, still able to be connected to the MCU, with there not really being anything to stop Sony from mentioning the characters that feature in the Marvel Universe. Just because Kevin Feige isn’t a producer doesn’t mean that it’s not connected to the MCU and as we saw in the Netflix shows, in which he wasn’t really involved, his name missing doesn’t mean that things are unconnected.

I personally do believe that negotiations are still ongoing as we’ve not had an official statement from Disney or Sony saying that this is it, it’s all over. The closest thing that there’s been to this was the interview with Kevin Feige for EW.com in which he said he knew they had Spider-man for a finite amount of time but even then he doesn’t say, it’s all over, negotiations failed, he’s out of the MCU.

If you go back and watch those interviews from a PR standpoint they seem pretty scripted and neither really mention the collapse of negotiations or what percentages etc were part of the contracts.

Tom Holland Says Spider-man 3 Is Still Connected

In addition to this comic book.com have just posted within the last hour that Tom Holland says that the Peter and Tony scene in Spider-man Homecoming is a pivotal moment for the two films we’ve made and the one we’re making, which hints that Spider-man will still be connected in some way to the MCU.

At the moment I don’t think anyone can 100% that Spider-man is fully out of the MCU until we have an official statement and the fact that Keystone Comic-Con audience members were asked not to say anything in case they mess up contract negotiations definitely gives this theory a lot more weight.

I may be wrong and hey I have been in the past, let’s not forget but I’m still of the thinking that both corporations are too smart to fully confirm that Spider-man is out of the MCU due to the damage that it will do to both franchises.

Your Thoughts

Obviously I’d love to hear your thoughts on the entire thing. Do you agree with me or am I still trapped in one of Mysterio’s illusions, refusing to see the truth? Comment below and let me know]

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